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NC State Basketball

NC State Submits Victim Impact Statement to Judge in Adidas/Dennis Smith Jr. Case



Debbie Yow’s era as NC State’s Athletic Director is nearing an end, but she isn’t done yet.

Yow submitted a “Victim Impact Statement” to Judge Lewis Kaplan seeking restitution for the damages suffered as a result of the fraudulent behavior of James Gatto, Merl Code and Christian Dawkins, who were convicted in the Adidas trial in the Fall.

The Federal Trial revealed that $40,000 was purportedly given to an NC State Assistant Coach to get to Dennis Smith Jr.

Below is the portion of Yow’s letter where she defines the harm the university of NC State suffered from the defrauding actions of these convicted men.

The fees and costs NC State has had to dish out through the legal process thus far is stated to be $234,685.

In another document submitted to the judge, the university is seeking an additional $23,900, which is the cost of Dennis Smith Jr.’s one year of tuition in Raleigh.

Total Restitution Requested: $258,585.

NC State Basketball

Kevin Keatts Postgame Press Conference After Wisconsin Victory: BULLETED



Head Coach Kevin Keatts met with the media for his postgame press conference after the Wolfpack’s 69-54 victory over Wisconsin last night. You can watch it here, or check out the bulleted breakdown below.

  • Did a lot of really good things tonight.
  • Really impressed by our defense.
  • Carried over from the 2nd half in the Memphis game, especially when you look at the last 6 or 7 minutes of the half.
  • When you’re playing against a Wisconsin team that makes it tough for you to score, if you can find a way to score, certainly you can win the game.
    • Talked leading up to this game, to not get discouraged if you’re not scoring the basketball.
  • Proud of Jericole Hellems.
    • He’s been the guy the last 3 games or so who’s played with a lot of energy and done a lot of good things for us, and he’s being rewarded for it.
  • Happy with where we’re at. We’ve got to continue to get better, but I thought we learned from the Memphis loss.

Rebounding from Memphis…

  • We felt like if we had played better in the 1st half against Memphis, we would have put ourselves in a better situation to win the game.
  • I’m always talking about when you lose a game, you’re a little sick. I thought we got well tonight.

Best game of the season…

  • You could say that.
  • Competed for 40 minutes.

Markell’s half court shot at halftime…(humor)

  • I did a great job at halftime.
  • I drew up an unbelievable play for Markell Johnson to hit that 3 to go into halftime. I thought that was the best one that I drew up probably in a few years.
  • He did a tremendous job making that shot.


  • Our key was to play smart.
  • Haven’t finished a couple games.
  • 2 losses, don’t think we played down the stretch.
  • So that may be me, making sure I’ve got the right people in at the end of the game.
  • Played with the lead.
  • Taught that this is a long season.
    • You’re going to have highs and lows.
    • You’re going to have some games where you’re up 10 to 15 and you’re going to have some games that are going to wear you down.
  • Take good shots.
  • Run your offense and rely on your defense.

Jericole Hellems…

  • He plays with passion and energy.
  • In college basketball, there are always 1 or 2 guys on the team that might not be as skilled as the other guys on the team, but he just plays hard.
  • He bought in on the defensive end and he’s making shots.
  • I actually wanted him to take a few more shots.
    • He passed up on a couple of threes he could have taken.
  • He works on his game.


  • Very happy with our crowd.
    • I was concerned coming in with a 9:15 p.m. tip.
  • Students were tremendous.
  • When this place is rocking and we have a lot of people in here, it is a tough place to play.
  • As we get better, I want to eventually get to the point where we sell out no matter who we play or what time we play.
  • I am proud and happy that everyone turned out tonight for us.

C.J. Bryce not starting…

  • He missed film last night.
    • His reasoning for missing film was very valid, but it doesn’t matter to me because he missed film.
  • We have standards with what we want to do, so we gave someone else the opportunity.
  • That being said, I thought he was mature about it and handled it well.
  • I wanted to see if he would pout about it, but I don’t think he did, and he bounced back and made some big plays for us.

Quality Win…

  • I hope it goes a long way.
  • I hope Wisconsin gets everything together and wins the Big Ten.

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NC State Basketball

NC State 69 Wisconsin 54: ACCDN Highlight Reel & Condensed Game



NC State handled business last night in Raleigh, defeating Wisconsin 69-54 in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge. The ACC Digital Network’s Highlight Reel and Condensed Game are below.

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NC State Basketball

NC State 69 Wisconsin 54: BOX SCORE



NC State beat Wisconsin handedly 69-54 last night in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge, improving to 6-2 on the year. The Box Score is below.

Photo Credit

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NC State Basketball

Kevin Keatts Talks Before Wisconsin: BULLETED



NC State Men’s Basketball Head Coach Kevin Keatts met with the media yesterday, before the Wolfpack hosts Wisconsin tonight in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge. You can watch the video here, or check out a bulleted breakdown below.

Avoiding flop fest…
  • Last year, we ran over some guys at least 5 times, and we’re going to try not to do that this time.
    • We’re going to try to get around guys without running through them.
    • The kid’s (Brad Davison) a good defensive player.
      • I think he sold the referees on a couple of those charges that he drew that were questionable, but we’ve moved on. We’re not going to concentrate on that.

Beating Wisconsin…

  • We’ve got to do a good job of moving the ball and putting ourselves in situations where we don’t draw charges.
  • They play with their heels on the 3-point line or toes on the 3-point line, and they kind of pack it in, not Virginia-style, but similar to that.
  • They step in and take charges.
    • They’re always in the right place, so we’ve got to do a good job of driving and going off of two feet instead of going off of one leg.
    • Hopefully, we won’t get those calls.

Devon Daniels picking up charges…

  • Last year, a lot of teams drew charges on him because he’s a one-leg leaper.
  • We have done a lot of stuff this summer and also in practice making sure he goes off 2 feet and avoids the contact.


  • We took a lot from it.
  • When you look at the 1st half, it was a great game.
  • Then you look into the last six minutes of the 1st half, we had complete blown assignments in ball screen coverage.
    • The game really changed when we had to take D.J. and Manny out of the game, and then they kind of blew it open before the half.
  • We gave up 55 points which is not what we want to do, but the encouraging thing is our 2nd half was so great. We held them to 28 points.
  • In the 2nd half, we shared the basketball, got our big guys back in the game and had our chances to win the game at the end.
  • It was two different halves. I don’t want to see that first half ever again, but I’m encouraged by the second half, and hopefully we can build on that.
  • That was the 1st time that we were down 16, 17 points. What was encouraging was that our guys stayed together.
    • Through every timeout, we would tell them, ‘Hey, you’re back in the game. You don’t have to take some of those shots.’ You have to take some chances when you get down that much, and we said, ‘Stay the course.’ I think the biggest thing for our guys is just putting them in situations where we’ve done some situation stuff: up 15 and down 15, how do we play, how do we handle it. Those type of things can win you the game.

Wisconsin Head Coach Greg Gard…

  • He’s done a great job. Took over for a really good coach. They’re a good basketball team.
  • They didn’t have a good weekend, but you can say that about a lot of teams around the country by the way they play in these tournaments.
  • Marquette’s usually a good program, and they played extremely well against those guys.
  • They haven’t been shooting the ball well, and we hope that that continues, but certainly they’re a very capable team.
  • Reuvers is playing at a high level. He’s 7’0″. He’s tough to guard.
  • Davison’s a very good player.

Markell Johnson…

  • I think he’s playing well.
  • What I wonder about a little bit is his conditioning.
  • He played well up until the last 2 or 3 minutes of the game where he made a couple of mistakes that he normally wouldn’t make, and a lot of that is probably because he got tired.
  • With a short bench, I’ve got to figure out how to get him and C.J. Bryce some breaks every now and then.
    • That may be even putting in a couple of walk-ons just for a few minutes just to give those guys some breaks.

The ACC…

  • The ACC is the #1 conference in the country, and we certainly look forward to these challenges.

Pat Andree struggles against Memphis…

  • It was a tough matchup for Pat.
  • I expect Pat to bounce back.
  • We need him.
  • He’s a guy that can score the basketball.
  • We couldn’t play him as much in the Memphis game because of defensive breakdowns, but hopefully he can contribute in this game.

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