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Dave Doeren Talks to Media After Practice Before Ball State



Head Coach Dave Doeren spoke with the media one last time today after practice before NC State’s game vs. Ball State on Saturday at home at 7pm. The video is above, and a bulleted breakdown is below.

Young team…

  • When it clicks, you’ve got a lot of talented guys out there. It’s just got to click.
  • Fast football team.
    • Fastest team top to bottom we’ve had.
    • Speed doesn’t look fast when it’s confused or shell-shocked as they were some last week.

Deep Threat…

  • Between Emeka Emezie and Keyon Lesane.
  • Lesane is growing into his role now because he’s fast.
    • Banged up a little bit the first week, but made some nice plays this week in practice.
  • Tabari Hines is a guy that can do some things down the field. As you’ve seen with
  • Cecil Powell is a guy that can do some things.
  • We’ve just got to grow.
    • Every time you lose a player it’s next man up, but it changes the chemistry

McKay’s chemistry with receivers…

  • He threw a really good ball to Emeka in the game. Ended up about 6 inches out of bounds on the catch.
    • Trust is already there. Got to get the timing.
    • Made a nice back-shoulder throw to Emeka in opener.
  • Have to get that going with Devin Carter, so it’s on both sides of the field.


  • Redshirt Freshman Defensive End Joseph Boletepeli is good.
  • Graduate Redshirt Senior Defensive End James Smith-Williams is questionable
  • It helps now that Deonte Holden’s healthy.
    • Missed all of training camp. Now that he’s healthy, it helps to have another guy.
  • Savion Jackson’s got to continue to get better as he continues to get reps.



  • Tuesday was very focused.
  • Always going to be a lot of mistakes on Tuesdays, because you’re introducing game plan.
  • Energy was excellent.
  • Wednesday was our best Wednesday that we’ve had this year.
  • First night game of the year, so we’ve got to deal with that as well.
  • I expect a very angry football team.
    • We’ve got to put that into execution and go out and do our jobs.

Night Games… 

  • It’s a long day.
  • We’re a morning practice team, so our guys aren’t used to that.
  • Good thing is that we have 3 in a row, so this gets us in a routine.

NC State Football

NC State Snap Count Leaders: SYRACUSE (with notes)



Below is a breakdown of how many snaps each NC State player played at each position last week against Syracuse in the Wolfpack’s 16-10 victory over the Orange.


Junior Louis Acceus (S) – 69

Redshirt Sophomore Isaiah Moore (S) – 69 (season high)

Redshirt Freshman Payton Wilson – 31

Redshirt Junior Brock Miller (S) – 29

Freshman Drake Thomas – 8

Redshirt Freshman C.J. Hart – 8


  • Brock Miller has started every game at “Buck” Linebacker, but for the second straight week (and 3rd time all season), Payton Wilson has played more snaps.

Tight End

Redshirt Junior Cary Angeline – 43 (season high)

Redshirt Junior Dylan Parham (S) – 22


  • After Dylan Autenrieth went down with a season ending injury, Cary Angeline started the next game against Ball State, but Dylan Parham has started the past two games. Despite that, Angeline has played more snaps than Parham in each of those contests.


Sophomore Tyler Baker-Williams – 41

Redshirt Senior Stephen Griffin (S) – 36


  • Stephen Griffin has started all but one game at Nickel this year, but Tyler Baker-Williams has played more snaps in each of the past three games.

Wide Receiver 

Redshirt Freshman Devin Carter (S) – 54

Junior Emeka Emezie – 44

Redshirt Sophomore Thayer Thomas (S) – 44

Graduate Redshirt Senior Tabari Hines (S) – 41 (season high)

Freshman Keyon Lesane – 13 (season high)

Redshirt Sophomore Max Fisher – 4


  • For the first time all season, Emeka Emezie didn’t start, with Tabari Hines starting in his place, but Emezie still ended up with more snaps. Hines basically shared roughly the same snap count as Carter, Thomas and Emezie, the normal starters against the Orange.

Offensive Tackle 

Redshirt Sophomore Bryson Speas (S) – 59 (season high)

Freshman Ikem Ekwonu (S) – 44

Graduate Redshirt Senior Emanuel McGirt – 29

Redshirt Freshman Derrick Eason – 1


  • Bryson Speas started his first career game against Syracuse. Emanuel McGirt had started every game prior to last Thursday, and was listed as the starter at Right Tackle on the Depth Chart ahead of Speas, but Speas got the nod. Speas has served as the 6th lineman all season, but finally broke through last week, taking full advantage of a shaken up offensive line due to the injury to Justin Witt.
  • True Freshman Ikem Ekwonu also started the first game of his career against the Orange.

Offensive Guard 

Junior Joshua Fedd-Jackson (S) – 66

Redshirt Junior Joe Sculthorpe (S) – 66

Strong Safety

Sophomore De’Von Graves – 54 (season high)

Graduate Redshirt Senior Jarius Morehead (S) – 24


  • I don’t recall Jarius Morehead being hurt at all this year, but he has shared more of the workload with De’Von Graves than expected. Morehead is a captain, leads the team with the most career starts, and was a Preseason All-ACC selection by Athlon. As expected, Morehead has started every game this year, but for the third time this season, Graves played more snaps than Morehead last week, and their snap count on the year is nearly even.

Defensive End

Graduate Redshirt Senior James Smith-Williams (S) – 46

Graduate Redshirt Senior Deonte Holden – 20

Redshirt Sophomore Xavier Lyas – 18 (season high)

Redshirt Sophomore Ibrahim Kante – 15

Freshman Savion Jackson – 12


  • With the 3-3-5 scheme NC State is utilizing on defense, and the way Larrell Murchison gets moved all around in those three spots, traditional defensive ends aren’t getting as much playing time as they would have in the 4-2-5. As you can see above, James Smith-Williams was the only Defensive End to start against Syracuse.

Running Back

Freshman Zonovan Knight – 30

Freshman Jordan Houston (S) – 26 (season high)

Redshirt Freshman Trent Pennix – 9


  • For the second straight week, Jordan Houston got the start at Running Back, even though Zonovan Knight was ahead of him on the depth chart. Knight still finish with more snaps than Houston.
  • Ricky Person was out due to injury, and isn’t on the depth chart once again this week, after suffering a leg injury against FSU.

Free Safety 

Sophomore Tanner Ingle (S) – 78


Senior Kishawn Miller (S) – 77 (season high)

Sophomore Teshaun Smith – 47 (season high)

Junior Chris Ingram (S) – 34

Redshirt Freshman Malik Dunlap – 13 (season high)


  • Nick McCloud has now missed 5 straight games after going down in the season opener.
  • Kishawn Miller has now started 3 games in a row in McCloud’s place.
  • Chris Ingram was hurt against Syracuse, giving Teshaun Smith the chance to play the most he has played all year. Ingram’s status is still unknown for Saturday at BC.

Nose Tackle

Sophomore Alim McNeil (S) – 45 (season high)

Redshirt Junior Val Martin – 18


  • Val Martin was the starter through the first quarter of the season, but Alim McNeil has started the past two games.


Redshirt Sophomore Bailey Hockman (S) – 59

Redshirt Freshman Devin Leary – 7 (season high)


  • Bailey Hockman started his first career game against Syracuse.

Defensive Tackle 

Redshirt Senior Larrell Murchison (S) – 64 (season high)


Redshirt Sophomore Grant Gibson (S) – 66

Players Receiving their First Collegiate Snaps

Freshmen Cornerback Syheim Battle, Defensive Tackle Joshua Harris, Defensive Tackle C.J. Clark, and Defensive End Terrell Dawkins both played their first snaps of the season on Special Teams against the Orange.

Did Not Play/Injured 

  • Redshirt Junior Captain Tight End Dylan Autenrieth, Redshirt Junior Wide Receiver C.J. Riley, Graduate Redshirt Senior Offensive Tackle Tyrone Riley, and Redshirt Freshman Taiyon Palmer are out for the year due to injury.
  • Sophomore Running Back Ricky Person, Redshirt Junior Offensive Tackle Justin Witt, Freshman Wide Receiver Cecil Powell, Senior Cornerback Nick McCloud, and Junior Cornerback Chris Ingram all missed the game against the Orange due to injury. Person, Witt, and McCloud aren’t on the Depth Chart once again this week.
  • Redshirt Freshman Defensive End Joseph Boletepeli was listed as DNP against Syracuse.


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VIDEO: Dave Doeren Talks 1 Last Time Before BC (bulleted)



Head Coach Dave Doeren met with the media one last time before NC State jumps on a plane to head up to Boston for a Noon kickoff on Saturday against the Golden Eagles. The video is above, with a bulleted breakdown of what he had to say below.

  • The next step for this young football team, is that they’ve got to be able to play the same way on the road as they do at home.

Larrell Murchison…

  • It usually takes a Junior College player 12 months to get acclimated physically, because they don’t have the training or the nutrition at those schools.
  • The learning part of staying behind those four guys (Bradley Chubb, Kentavius Street, Justin Jones & B.J. Hill) and seeing how they do their work and how they prepare was really, really good for him.
  • He’s now carrying that torch, which is fun to see.
  • On 1st and 2nd down he’s playing our 4 and 5 techniques, so he’s on the edge.
    • On 3rd down he’s playing the 0, so he’s on the Center.
    • Moving him around creates opportunities for him on different players, so not a single guy can get used to how to block him in a single game.
    • He’s on the tackle, he’s on the guard, he’s on the center. Sometimes he’s stemming from a zero back out to a three. It’s hard for them to get zeroed in on where he’s going to line up sometimes.

Stopping BC’s Run Game…

  • A lot of strengths vs. strengths in this matchup. Going to be great competition.
  • I have a lot of respect for Steve Addazio.
  • Good offensive line
  • Physical Tight Ends
  • Big running backs.
  • Zay Flowers has made them different offensively at receiver.
    • He’s a really dynamic wide out for them.
  • It’s a really good offense.

Dennis Grosel taking over at QB for injured Anthony Brown…

  • When he came in the last game, same play calls.
  • Obviously, I can’t predict what they’re going to do, but it doesn’t look like they’ve changed their offense with him.
  • He was a good runner in high school. He’s a dual threat guy.
  • I’d be shocked if it’s any different than it’s been.

Motivated to play A.J. Dillon…

  • Absolutely a motivation.
  • These guys want to play well every week. If you can hold a back that’s as good as him to less than he’s used to having, then that says a lot for our guys.
  • Any time you play a guy that’s as good as him, and he had a great game against us two years ago, you want to try to do your best not to let that happen.

Chris Ingram’s injury…

  • I’m not going to talk about it. 

Hockman and Leary…

  • Both Bailey Hockman and Devin Leary have gotten more confident.
  • The game reps have helped him [Hockman] slow things down.
    • He was competitive at Florida State when he wasn’t the starter. You saw his guts in that game.
    • Last week he came out very level headed. Very even-keeled guy. Doesn’t get up and down. I like that in him and Devin.
  • The more they play, the better they’re going to get. They’ve had a lot of teachable moments the last two games that can help them.

Will we see Leary play a drive or two… 

  • Yeah, you will.




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NC State’s Depth Chart vs. Boston College (with notes)



Here’s a look at NC State’s Depth Chart for their matchup against Boston College this Saturday on the road, with notes underneath.


  • For starters, Senior Left Cornerback Nick McCloud, Redshirt Junior Right Tackle Justin Witt and Sophomore Running Back Ricky Person are not on the depth chart once again due to injury.
    • Doeren has stated that he expects to have Witt and Person back this year, and is hopeful to have McCloud back at some point.
  • After seeing his first action of the season on Special Teams last week, Freshman Joshua Harris is listed as 3rd string at Nose Tackle behind Sophomore Alim McNeil and Redshirt Junior Val Martin.

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NC State Football

NC State Athletics’ Top-5 Plays of the Week (10/6/19)



The official NC State Athletics YouTube Channel has been putting out the Top-5 Plays of the Week across the whole athletic program the past 3 weeks. Below are the Top-5 plays from this past week (10/6/19), followed by the previous two weeks as well.

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