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Kevin Keatts Talks With Media Before UNCG: BULLETED



Head Coach Kevin Keatts met with the media today before NC State hits the road to play UNC-Greensboro on Sunday. You can watch the video here, or check out a bulleted breakdown below.

  • With us, it’s been a good week for us.
    • Even though I do think we’re playing good basketball because we’re only playing 8 guys in a game, we needed the week to be able to get some guys some rest.
    • We needed the week for some guys to study and take care of their academics.
    • Tried to break the week up.
      • The 1st couple of days, we got some shots up, and toward the end of this week, we started working toward UNCG.
  • Jericole Hellems hasn’t practiced.
    • I will see him this morning. On the road recruiting yesterday, and I haven’t seen him since 2 days ago.
    • Probably be a game-time decision.
      • Got to make sure with our doctors and trainers that he’s fully healthy to be able to go.
      • He’s got to feel good about it, but I also have to feel good about it.
    • Had a low-grade concussion. Passed a couple of tests for the concussion.
    • As far as his back goes, it was great news. No fractures.
  • Probably going to be a 7-man rotation against UNC-G.
    • Danny Dixon was able to go a couple of days ago and was able give us something in practice.
    • If Jericole doesn’t play, then hopefully we can get something out of Danny, which will give us the ability to play D.J. Funderburk a little bit at the 4-spot.
  • It’s good to have the opportunity to be able to play on that court (UNC-G) because we will play the ACC Tournament there.
  • Head Coach Wes Miller has done a good job at UNC-G.
    • They’ve gotten great wins over the years.
      • Beat Georgetown at Georgetown this year.
      • Kansas game was a really great game all the way up until the end.
      • Won against really good mid-major teams on the road.
      • We have the chance to go on the road and play against a very good mid-major team.
    • It’s a game that will be looked upon as a very good non-conference game for us.
  • UNC-G plays with a lot of confidence.
    • Has some veteran guys.
      • James Dickey is a tremendous shot-blocker.
      • Isaiah Miller’s a very good player overall.
    • They shoot the basketball from 4 different positions.
    • Take a lot of threes
    • Tremendous job of mixing defenses up with a 1-2-2 press back to a man-to-man and sometimes zone.
      • They slow you down with their defensive press. They only have to defend you for 17-20 seconds, and if you get a little bit careless they’ll steal the ball from you.
  • In regards to the loss to UNC-G 2 years ago, I care, but the players don’t.
    • They don’t know anything about it. They don’t remember the game.
    • I do. I didn’t realize that we were playing without Markell Johnson.
    • To their credit, they came on the road and got a very good road win.


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