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NC State Basketball

T.J. Warren Upsets #1 Seed Ralph Sampson to Advance to the Sweet 16



The ACC is doing their own version of March Madness to determine the best Men’s Basketball player of the past 50 years.

Out of the 64 players chosen, 4 NC State players were selected: David Thompson, Rodney Monroe, Julius Hodge and T.J Warren.

Over the past two days, two “upsets” have happened, with #7 seed Julius Hodge beating #2 seed J.J. Redick on Monday, and #8 seed T.J. Warren pulling off a major upset over #1 seed Ralph Sampson (UVA) yesterday.

You can go vote for #1 seed David Thompson over #9 seed Pervis Ellison (Louisville) now, and you will have a chance to vote for #5 seed Rodney Monroe against #13 seed Donovan Mitchell (Louisville) tomorrow.

The Juice will face #3 seed Darrell Griffith (Louisville) in the Sweet 16, and Tony Buckets will be matched up against #5 seed Jared Dudley (Boston College).

In all honesty, I don’t in any way think this reveals that Hodge was better than Redick, or that Warren was better than Sampson. In fact, I think you’d have a hard time making any argument that either of their college resumes are better than their opponents.

What this does reveal, is that NC State fans are amazing!

The 64 players were chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Players evaluated on collegiate accomplishments
  • Field comprised from only current ACC school alumni
  • Field limited to players from 1970 to present day
  • Minimum of three players per school
  • Maximum of six players per school

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