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Wait…Russell Wilson IS Going to be Traded?

NC State Football

Wait…Russell Wilson IS Going to be Traded?

Wait…Russell Wilson IS Going to be Traded?

With talk of the State Spring Game and NFL free agency officially going wild….Football is back…kinda…

One big storyline is that Russell Wilson actually might be on the move, as talks “heat up”. I made a joke about this whole thing weeks ago. Seattle really ain’t that stupid…are they?

Three things have happened within the last 48 hours that point to a potential deal coming together between Seattle and Chicago;

  1. Russell Wilson trade odds were removed from Vegas books.
  2. Chicago Bears’ Super Bowl odds increased.
  3. Random rumors that Bears had at least submitted a proposal to the Seahawks.

I don’t necessarily trust #3, as it’s fairly easy to start spreading conspiracy theories nowadays (Speaking of which, I need to try harder getting some good ones going). I’m more interested in what Vegas bookies think. I mean, come on, bookies know EVERYTHING. If they told me odds are I’m a Duke fan, I would 1000% put money on that.

The Bears are about as desperate as a team there is in the NFL. Remember, they traded UP FOR MITCH. Everybody together now…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. So I have no doubts if it’s first rounders, player options or additional cold hard cash, they’d be willing to pony up just about anything for a two-year stint with Wilson.

We’ll have more football talk later with former State players and their outlook for the 2021-22 NFL season. Wilson just happens to be the current hot topic.

Passionate State fan that just wants to anything...

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