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VONWOLF: I know where Russell Wilson will end up.


VONWOLF: I know where Russell Wilson will end up.

VONWOLF: I know where Russell Wilson will end up.

Rumors are flying about a potential Russell Wilson trade, but I’m telling you, I KNOW WHERE WILSON LANDS. The man that came down from Virginia, as simply a two start recruit, before lighting up the college world for three seasons at NC State is on the move.

And he shouldn’t be….but here we are.

His resume is more than impressive. Rookie of the year, breaking records from consecutive passes without an interception to average passing yards per game. Not to mention a certain Champ of a certain Bowl. Look at this three-year run to start his career;

  • 17 TDs / 1 INT / 4 Rushing TDs
  • 31 TDs / 11 INT / 4 Rushing TDs
  • 28 TDs / 14 INT / 9 Rushing TDs


The guy is just special and while there is still so much love for Rivers, Wilson is the top State QB ever.

But there are some glaring issues. The O-Line is doing him no favors as he scrambles for his life nearly every play. The head ball coach doesn’t, for whatever freaking reason, seem to have his back. So Russell Wilson finds himself in a position to potentially move on to greener pastures elsewhere.

Yes, he’s involved with baseball. Yes, he probably doesn’t have that clean cut image that we all like to dream he really has. But the man does nothing but win and put together insane highlight reels and he gets treated like this? Unacceptable.

With that, Wilson is on the move. Starting next year he’ll be at…



You thought I was talking about Wilson and the Seahawks? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA My bad, my bad. No, I was talking about a similar situation when Tom O’Brien Dropped. The. F*cking. Ball. In 2011.

Seattle isn’t that stupid. Wilson remains a Seahawk. Book it.


Passionate State fan that just wants to anything...

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19 days ago

As time goes on, the story about RW’s departure and what TOB did or didn’t do drifts further from the truth.

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