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Ernest Ross surgery update and outlook

NC State Basketball

Ernest Ross surgery update and outlook

Ernest Ross surgery update and outlook

As all of you know, Ernest Ross was lost for the season due to a fractured ankle suffered prior to the Duke game.

This weekend, in his Virginia post-game presser, Keatts shared an update that his surgery was successful and said that it’s “going to be fun to watch” his freshman class come together next year and continue to grow.

The fractured ankle should have Ross out at least 6 weeks, but he likely won’t be ramping things up for over 2 months. However, an injury like this won’t affect Ross long-term. He’ll be back, likely as good as new, next season.

This also will be his first true off-season with the team. Last year he was unable to train in the summer due to academic reasons. With a season in the book and a full off-season, Ross should be ready to contribute from day one next season.

We’ll have to see how the roster shakes out, but it’s likely he’d slot in at the 4, taking Hellems’ vacated spot. If Manny Bates comes back (we’ll have a lot more on this later in the season) then NC State could very well be one of the best teams in the nation at protecting the rim.

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3 months ago

Keatts also said that Ross contacted him the day of the surgery and asked if it was okay for him to attend the game. Great to hear that commitment.
If Manny really does come back, next year we’d have a nice combination of experience and youth at the 4 & 5.

  • Center: Manny and Phillips
  • PF: Gantt and Ross at the 4
  • Other players that might still be here: Ebe & Gibson
3 months ago
Reply to  Papajohn

If Manny comes back, Ross, Ebe and Gantt are still here, then we go from being devoid of big man skill and experience to having serious depth.

The opposite might happen with our big guards, but we should still have Smith, Morsell. and Pass at an absolute minimum (plus any freshman). Hayes should figure things out, and Seabron will likely hear very positive love calls from the league.

3 months ago
Reply to  Dof87

On the down side, Seabron has watched several of his teammates succumb to injuries. A good reason the listen to those NBA sirens. However, personal achievements aside, maybe he will decide to return so that he can be part of a successful team and finish unfinished business.

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