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Dave Doeren Talks Sun Bowl, Arizona State :: Bulleted

NC State Football

Dave Doeren Talks Sun Bowl, Arizona State :: Bulleted

Dave Doeren Talks Sun Bowl, Arizona State :: Bulleted

NC State head coach Dave Doeren took a conference call with the media. Here is the summary of what he said.

  • Second time for Doeren going to Sun Bowl, but first time for this team.
  • Was in this bowl almost 20 years ago as a grad assistant with USC
  • Excited to face a team and league NC State normally would not face
  • This has been a crazy week with final exams, bowl practices, recruiting and of course the contract negotiations. Not a lot of sleep but ended up where he wanted to be
  • Hasn’t seen ASU play live or on film yet this year. On paper looks like they have a good QB , 1k yard receiver and almost 1k yard RB.
  • Met with players after the decision to return. Told them how excited he was to be coming back. They were happy for him, but it was a rough 48 hours. Everyone glad it’s over.
  • Chubb hasn’t decided if he’ll play int he bowl game. Family will talk it through and decide. Chubb has given everything he can to NC State everyone realizes the tough decision he has to make.
  • A bowl win would give NC State great momentum going into the offseason. Would have them ranked in the top 25, which was a team goal. Other than momentum, it doesn’t help for next year’s win or losses. You have a new team, new schedule. etc.
  • Usually travel to the bowl games on Tuesday of that week. Usually leave at 1pm or 2pm. Get there, eat dinner, have a team meeting and let the guys go. Wake up the next day and it’s game week Wednesday. Will try to keep it as routine as possible.
  • Doeren hasn’t faced a team whose coach is coaching his last game for the school (which will be the case with ASU), but it won’t change anything as far as preparation goes.
  • In 125 years of NC State football there has been only 11 9-win teams. That mark would put this team in the top 10%. If team doesn’t win it doesn’t mean the season was a failure. It’s been a good season and the guys have worked their butts off.  But winning 9 would be a feather in the cap.

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