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Case of the Mondays: March Madness


Case of the Mondays: March Madness

Case of the Mondays: March Madness

Sometimes you wake up thinking you’re going to have a great week…and then Monday slaps you in the face. So let’s get angry about some stuff.

Loser Hokies

Actually, to be honest, this is more hilarious than anything. The Hokies have suddenly been part of two out of the last three weeks of CotM. I literally had nothing against VT prior to this year. But boy have they become boneheads.

First there was the fact they cancelled on our Senior Day citing COVID. Only to 36 HOURS LATER, say they were completely healthy and had been healthy. GTFO.

Then their wrestling team started talking about how they’re the “Alphas” of the ACC, taking a direct shot at State. Luckily the ACC Championships came through Reynolds and Whoops! VT came in second, congrats, BY 24 POINTS. GTFO

But this, this got my adrenaline pumping before I spit out some Old Tuffy (RIP to that gulp).

They did hahahahaha a callout hahaha to @OldTakesExposed hahahaha after becoming hahahaha a 10th seed hahaha. I know, I know. State wasn’t in the NCAAT, but to play half your games (skipping a lot of top teams) and then announce to the world you deserve an apology… as you roll into the Tourney as a 10-seed? Oh…and then lose first round? GTFO


WBB NCAAT Scheduler

Nice transition, because maybe State’s creative department should have started to throw shade on the doubters, even though they won the ACC and finally became a 1-seed…but I digress.

This will seem ticky-tacky, but I have any issue, specifically with State’s second round matchup. As a #1 seed and one of really only a handful of schools that could win it all, they play on a Tuesday at 3pm? Seriously…Couldn’t go early with a nice West Virginia versus Georgia Tech? How about a nice 3-6 matchup with Michigan and Tennessee? The late games include Baylor, UCONN, South Carolina and Stanford, so we all know EXACTLY why State has the early slot. GTFO

So with that, now I yet again have to tell my boss I have a very important three hour meeting at 3. To which they’ll know something’s up and question me further. Chances are I’ll break my concentration and put my career in jeopardy, as I run out of their office yelling, “You can’t catch meeeeeeeeeeee!!!”


No B10 Hate, Like ACC Hate

The ACC this Men’s Tournament has be atrocious. We’re currently putting all our eggs in teams that weren’t even in the ACC like three decades ago. Here’s the thing, B10 has arguably had a worse Tourney, but the focus remains with the ACC.

When I think about historically successful programs, I think…Oral Roberts and North Texas. Credit to Brutus, who knew he was getting Oral, but still assumed the position.

Illinois was a stud and lost to Sister Jean. Then Iowa gets handled by Oregon, who had yet to even play a game.

ACC had a down year and B10 was the greatest conference in America, but now has to hope Michigan (who is currently losing) can pull something together. People should be openly laughing at the pile of poop that B10 has thrown on the floor in the last four days…but we’ll still keep talking about UNC, Virginia and the ACC. GTFO



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27 days ago

Got to rely on the Lady Pack this season. Go Pack!!

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