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NC State fans were crushed by the news that broke this afternoon that their leader and top scorer Trevor Lacey was declaring for the NBA draft. The rising senior was poised to be the catalyst for a team that many believed would open the 2015/16 season ranked in the top 15 nationally. Obviously there were a lot of broken hearts that dealt with the news in different ways. Some were angry, some were hurt, while others were happy that he would be chasing his dream of playing in the NBA, but all of them just couldn’t help but think it was just par for the course for the Wolfpack who seemingly have been so close to breaking through, but have fallen just short due to a number of different peculiar circumstances.

But there were still a lot of questions. Was Lacey just set on leaving no matter what? And if so, why? Sure he’s 24 years old, but it seems as if his career has just hit it’s stride and he was on his way to peaking. As we outlined in our post season assessment of Lacey, he was great in many areas, but had room to grow. He played this season at a higher weight than he would have liked, he was still rounding into form as a vocal leader, and he could still improve has ability to score on the drive to keep defenders from committing to stopping his pull up. Lacey is an elite player, but he’s not a finished product. This is why the news that he was ‘declaring’ for the NBA was tough to understand. But maybe it was a matter of semantics that had Pack fans so perplexed.

Lacey reportedly told PackPride that he wasn’t necessarily gone for good. Here is their tweet:

Now this doesn’t mean he’s coming back, but it does make a lot more sense. While the report was that he declared for the NBA, this new break in the story seems to imply that he did not file paper work with the NBA officially declaring. Had he done that he would have not been able to return. By not filing that paperwork and by not hiring an agent Lacey keeps himself eligible through late April (26th or 29th…can’t find the exact date). This gives him time to get information from scouts, work out for teams and figure out where he’d slot in the draft.

(However if he DID file paper work and officially declared, then he is confused about rules and he’s officially gone…and if that’s the case you can stop reading now.)

Right now many projections have him going undrafted, which means he’d have to catch on as a free agent or sign a deal overseas. But I don’t think this is where he should settle. We’re talking about one of the deadliest iso players in the college game. A guy that is close to peaking, but hasn’t yet reached his full potential. This kid has 1st round talent, but there are too many questions surrounding him. The reason for that is the real Trevor Lacey has only been seen for one year. His two years at Alabama did not go as planned and then the transfer year off had him out of sight and out of mind for many NBA scouts. He had quite the showing this past season, but there were some stretches where he was going through adjustments and were marked down as flaws in his game. As good as he was this season, I think it was a learning year for him and the potential for a full on break out is in the cards should he return.

With the news that he’s keeping the door open, it seems as if it will come down to his workouts and what the scouts have to say. While I think he could leave and make a living in this game, I also think he’d be selling his talents short.  Giving it one more year, leading a team that will be in the national spotlight could certainly allow him to answer those critics and really cash out on top.

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NC State Falls Out of the Top-10 After Losses to UNC & Duke



After losing to rivals UNC and Duke last week, the NC State Women’s Basketball team fell out of the Top-10 in the Week 17 AP Poll, landing at #12. NC State started the 2023-24 season unranked, but jumped to #14 in the first Poll after the Preseason Poll. The Wolfpack have been ranked in the Top-10 since November 20th, which equals 14 straight polls.

ACC Teams in the Top-25

5. Virginia Tech
12. NC State
17. Notre Dame
19. Syracuse
22. Louisville
27. Duke
29. UNC
30. FSU

The Wolfpack will host #19 Syracuse on Thursday night at 7pm.

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NC State’s Week 1 Depth Chart Against UCONN (with Notes)



NC State will kick off their 2023 Football season next Thursday night against UCONN at 7:30pm. The Wolfpack released their Depth Chart for the game today.



  • Redshirt Sophomore Anthony Carter Jr. is listed as the starting Left Guard. If Redshirt Sophomore Lyndon Cooper wasn’t missing the first game due to injury, I wonder if Carter would be starting. Doeren did praise Carter in his press conference today. Also, he stated that Cooper should be back for the Notre Dame game.
  • Noticeably, Graduate Transfer Offensive Lineman Dawson Jaramillo is also missing from the Depth Chart. Unfortunately, Jaramillo has suffered an injury, and will miss the entirety of the 2023 season. This is a huge blow for Jaramillo, and a huge blow for the depth of the Wolfpack Offensive Line. Jaramillo was a Swiss Army knife, having the ability to play in numerous positions.
  • Very often, Doeren has stated that the “Or” in between two names means that the coaching staff sees both players as starters. There is an “Or” in between Chris Toudle and Trent Pennix at Tight End, with the former being listed first. Maybe it doesn’t matter whose name is listed first, but I’m shocked Pennix’s name wasn’t the one at the top.
  • I’m not shocked that Julian Gray and Keyon Lesane are listed as the starters at the X and Y Wide Receiver positions. They both have had a lot of buzz surrounding them in Fall Camp, and Lesane was named a captain. Obviously, with Gray’s speed, Offensive Coordinator Robert Anae is going to want to find a way to get the ball in his hands. With that being said, and this is no disrespect to the two of them, but both of them are 5’11”, which isn’t exactly the way you would sculpt your prototypical outside receivers. I expect Terrell Timmons and Bradley Rozner to both be heavily in rotation at the X and Y, to give the outside receivers a good dose of speed as well as height.
  • True Freshman Running Back Kendrick Raphael might be buried at the bottom of the Depth Chart at his position, but I bet he sees a carry before Mimms or Jones. Doeren mentioned that we would see Raphael against UCONN, but didn’t mention Jones or Mimms. Anae likes to run 2 Running Back sets, with one of them almost functioning like a Full Back. As a result, I’m not shocked to see Jones and Mimms where they are in the Depth Chart.
  • Props to True Freshman Kevin Concepcion for earning the starting job at the Inside Wide Receiver position. Get ready to hear his name a lot this year. KC is backed up by Redshirt Sophomore Jalen Coit, who Doeren spoke highly of today.
  • Junior Porter Rooks is no longer sitting behind Thayer Thomas on the Depth Chart. Doeren said that Rooks has had a great camp. The former 4-Star prospect has an opportunity to show that those stars meant something by his name. With that being said, he will be pushed by True Freshman Javonte “Juice” Vereen, who even has national media buzzing about him heading into the season.
  • Three True Freshman are on the Offensive Depth Chart: Left Guard Kamen Smith, IWR Kevin Concepcion and FLEXY Juice Vereen.
  • True Freshman Kamal Bonner is 2nd on the Depth Chart at the Will Linebacker spot, backing up Payton Wilson. What’s noteworthy, is that he’s ahead of former 4-Star prospect Jordan Poole in the Depth Chart. Bonner must have made a heck of a first impression.
  • As expected, ODU Graduate Transfer Robert Kennedy is starting at Nickel.
  • True Freshman Brandon Cisse is backing up Aydan White at Right Corner, and Doeren said we should expect him to contribute.
  • Redshirt Sophomore Jalen Coit will be filling in the shoes of Thayer Thomas at Punt Returner.


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Elliot Avent is interviewed on MLB Network about rule changes and Wolfpack Alums



Elliot Avent gave a great interview on MLB Network.

Avent talks about the rules changes in baseball and doesn’t seem too pleaseed about them, while also breaking some news that they might be naming the hitting facility after Trea Turner and the Pitching lab after Carlos Rodon.

Give it a watch.

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NC State Basketball

Mady Traore Will No Longer Enroll at NC State



This unfortunately seemed inevitable.

According to 247Sports’ Travis Branham, 3-Star Mady Traore is no longer planning on enrolling at NC State.

Traore was a member of the Wolfpack’s 2022 recruiting class, but wasn’t able to enroll in the Fall because of Visa issues and the English Competency Test.

Back on November 29th, I posted the following article, saying that Traore was set to join the team for the 2nd semester. Traore himself told me when I posted it, that he was expecting to join the team in December.

I received the intel 2 weeks prior to posting, and prior to things beginning to brew between NC State and Isaiah Miranda. In hindsight, I wish I would have posted it when I got the intel (haha).

4-Star Mady Traore Expected to Suit up for NC State Soon

Obviously, that didn’t happen, and isn’t happening.

When I posted the article, things were in flux, because there was one scholarship available. If Miranda came, he was going to get the scholarship, and the staff was hoping Traore would be willing to wait and enroll in April. If Miranda didn’t come, then the expectation was for Traore to join the team in December, in the way that Miranda just did.

I still believe my source’s info was solid, and there are always a lot of moving pieces in play that can change scenarios quickly.

From what I hear, the staff was genuinely hopeful they could add Miranda in December, and Traore in April, but it didn’t work out that way, and that’s the way it goes sometimes.

We wish you the best Mady! You’ve got a special future in basketball.

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