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NC State Left Off Dick Vitale’s Top 40

NC State Basketball

NC State Left Off Dick Vitale’s Top 40

Dick Vitale came out with his top 40 a few days ago. Though he does say that injuries and eligibility will change things, which means maybe he’s considering a Wolfpack team without Kapita and Yurtseven, he does not consider the Pack to be among the Top 40 teams in college basketball this year.

Here are a list of ACC teams ahead of the Pack in his top 40: Full List

1. Duke
5. UNC
7. Louisville
9. Virginia
20. Syracuse
21. FSU
25. Notre Dame
28. Miami
40. Virginia Tech

Looking at this, it seems that, at best, Vitale has the Wolfpack as the 10th place team in the ACC. While he may be considering the Pack without their 2 big men, this is the lowest ACC ranking so far from any of the larger media outlets.

Though we have seen countless of the same media outlets praising the Wolfpack on their 2 very talented incoming freshman as well as having an overall strong lineup on paper, they continue to push the Pack down to the middle, or according to Vitale, towards the bottom of the ACC. Which means they either are waiting on the eligibility of the 2 big men, there are too many unknowns coming into the season, or they just don’t think that Gottfried can bring this group together to win in the ACC.

Do you think the Pack is being snubbed in the preseason rankings?

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