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NC State Women’s Basketball: Seek and Destroy the Doubters

Women's Basketball

NC State Women’s Basketball: Seek and Destroy the Doubters

NC State Women’s Basketball: Seek and Destroy the Doubters

The day has finally come.

After two years of waiting, with two ACC Championships in hand, the State women’s basketball team finally gets to play in the NCAA Tournament. Furthermore, for the first time ever, they enter as the #1 seed. While they have had so much success on the floor, they’ve literally EARNED EVERYTHING. No matter what, State is the underdog of college basketball.


Stacked Opposition

Great, we’re a number one seed. But, we have one of the toughest paths to get to the Final Four. State could possibly meet three-straight conference champions to make it to the Elite Eight. In round one, they face MEAC champion North Carolina A&T. With a win, they’ll most likely face AAC champion South Florida. Advance another round? They have a 3 out of 4 team chance to square-off against ANOTHER conference champ in either Gonzaga, Belmont or VCU.

State could start the Tournament with matchups against three conference champs. 60 other teams don’t have that path. No 1, 2 or 3-Seed would face more than one champ.


Repeat Coach of the Year Snub

Wes Moore is the man. What he has done with this program over the last five years is incredible, to the point we could argue he’s the best State coach right now. In the last four seasons;

2018 – 26-8 – NCAAT
2019 – 28-6 – NCAAT
2020 – 28-4 – ACC Champs, would have been NCAAT
2021 – 20-2 – ACC Champs, NCAAT as a #1 Seed (First-time ever)

Losses keep going down and the trophy case needs an expansion. Yet, even after all of that, Wes Moore in that span hasn’t 1) Been name ACC Coach of the Year and/or 2) Been named National Coach of the Year. The media and women’s college basketball world, as a whole, doesn’t care about State’s success.

State has one of the top coaches in the country, yet no accolades to show for it.


No All-American First Teams?

The above record doesn’t happen, unless there are players on the court doing just about everything right. Yet, State still gets no love. Cunane was named All-American Second Team a week ago. Brown-Turner was honorable mention. Cunane comes into this NCAAT averaging 17 points and 8 boards a game. In just the last three games; 27 pts/9 rebs, 23 pts/9 rebs and 20 pts/9 rebs, with an ACCT MVP award. Yet…

No State WBB player has ever been a First Team All-American.


No one is Picking State to Take this Tourney

The odds NC State is crowned WBB Champs? Less than 5%. From ESPN to CBS Sports, everyone is doubting this team. 70% of experts think the Wolfpack WON’T even make the Final Four. Nobody has them winning it all.

Not a single pick that State even makes it to the Championship.


State wasn’t given a number one seed, they had to earn it. Whether it’s rankings or awards, State has done everything on the court to win. If you aren’t on the bandwagon watching every second of action from this NCAA Tournament, add yourself to this disrespectful group of doubters.

Passionate State fan that just wants to anything...

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