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NC State Better than State of NC in Basketball

NC State Basketball

NC State Better than State of NC in Basketball

NC State Better than State of NC in Basketball

Disclaimer: To the “State Fans” and trolls talking about how the NIT doesn’t matter, just wanted to ensure the first line states; I hate you. 

Oh have the turn tables have turned! A month ago, there was uncertainty whether State MBB would have postseason play and how screwed WBB was going to be by the selection committee rankings (By the way, Texas A&M, who lots of folks had #1 seed over State, literally needed a last minute, controversial call to prevail).

Through the first round of all men’s and women’s postseason tournaments…



That’s right everybody, bow down awkwardly to the fact that all those other North Carolina schools couldn’t get a single win. While State went 3-0, everyone else went 0-10. Both UNC squads, App State, Davidson, UNCG, NC A&T, Charlotte WBB (twice), Wake Forest and High Point. GET OUTTA HERE!!!

Oh, so you don’t want to count MBB NIT win because it’s the NIT? Even, even if we were that stupid…we still have the only team that won, so the case still stands. The Women’s team is focused and has a 99.9% chance of making it to the Sweet Sixteen for the third straight tournament.

You have to have thick skin to be a NC State sports fan, but this current run has been amazing. Wrestling, Swim, CC and the aforementioned Basketball, are giving their everything in the closing days of the 20-21 sports calendar.

To close with an old Irish toast; So raise a glass to ol’ State and tell the other schools that you hate…that while there seemed to be early debate, we’re your only hope at this rate. Suck it.




Passionate State fan that just wants to anything...

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