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Vonwolf: Why does ACCN hate…The ACC?


Vonwolf: Why does ACCN hate…The ACC?

Vonwolf: Why does ACCN hate…The ACC?

Imagine there is a conference that has its own television network, backed by the biggest name in sports broadcasting. Then imagine said network does absolutely NOTHING to promote the actual conference. Well folks, welcome to the ACCN.

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve turned on ACCN expecting to see something on, only to find the exact opposite is playing. I get that you can’t be everywhere at once, but honestly the channel should just be the ACCROGTHAMAN “ACC Rerun Of Games That Happened A Month Ago Network”. Or they have this awesome ability to flip broadcast halfway through (insert long rambling dialog about the State Spring Football Game).

I like our nice little rivalry with the SEC. Us ACCers always feel an extreme amount of disrespect and so when we can get a win or prove our worth, it’s exciting. Yet, the SECN is 100X better than ACCN. Did you know they actually showed every game, of every round of their baseball tournament? How crazy is that?!

Speaking of which, tonight, and this isn’t being biased because they haven’t covered it at all, Pitt and State play each other to advance to the semifinals. Yet, no joke, they actually are broadcasting Pitt…it’s just their Spring game from last month. Then an hour later? ACC Golf Championships, and you guessed it, it’s a rerun.

There is also this borderline insensitive look and understanding of the ACC fanbase, at large. I look back even a few weeks ago and they dedicated an entire documentary to a football team that played one season in the Conference. There were times waiting for a State basketball game, that the INTRO TO SAID STATE GAME was a mini-documentary on UNC. Like, you don’t have anything State related to lead into a State game? I have to get fired up about them talking about the magic of the old Carmichael Arena?!

I just have lost all damn respect for the Network, that repeatedly disrespects its own schools. Heavy focus on only a couple universities during seasons, clueless on how programs should even be time slotted and complete absences of important live happenings. You couldn’t do much worse.

I hate you, ACCN…



Passionate State fan that just wants to anything...

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next year hell why not this year

I have to agree with the post and the comments. ACCN has been a BIG disappointment. I remember thinking, yeah, we’ll have four or five channels like the other major conferences do, and lots of live coverage of major sports within the conference. I guess the ACC doesn’t see itself as a major conference. Nobody that tunes in to the ACCN will, that’s for sure. Hey, they haven’t fixed the attrocious officiating in football and basketball they’ve been known for like FOREVER. I’m not holding my breath that they will fix the ACC Network, either. Network? Isn’t a network when… Read more »

6 months ago

Unbelievably bad. Still recall a couple of basketball games when they interviewed (idolized) the opposing football coach, while the game was in progress! They keep telling us “it’s early, be patient.” And saying the other leagues have a head start. That just means we need to try harder, work faster. Not be patient. Invest in this thing!!

6 months ago

The ACCN is trash. But alas, it’s a reflection of confidence leadership.

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