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Why Yes, We Did Make A Gus Johnson Bingo Card


Why Yes, We Did Make A Gus Johnson Bingo Card

Why Yes, We Did Make A Gus Johnson Bingo Card

That’s right, download it right here. (Limited to 150 cards, also no actual prizes beyond pride)

Over the years, there is only one everlasting truth; When Gus Johnson calls a game, it’s an instant classic.

When NC State meets UCLA in San Diego, we have all the reasons in the world that it’s going to be a great game. Gus Johnson is a big part of that. Here is a casual, GJ Bingo-esche, list of future moments.

First-Time Ever in Petco Park

The start of the broadcast is gonna go heavy on this point. Get ready for some of the following statements;

  • “For the first time EVER, we bring the gridiron to San Diego’s past time.”
  • “Tonight, we’re trading baseballs for footballs, it’s the Holiday Bowl.
  • “I tell you what, this game in this park, is just another holiday gift.”
  • “Just look at this site…what an evening, what a ballpark.”

Then you’re also going to get some baseball references each quarter…

  • “Leary going for the home runnnnnnnnnnn!!!”
  • “Thompson-Robinson’s throw, juuuuussssssttttt a bit outside there.”

While we’re here, look at this beauty…


Let’s Chat about San Diego

We’re guaranteed a little San Diego talk in there too.

  • My oh my, San Diego is bea-u-ti-ful.”
  • “Is there a better city in the world than San Diego?”
  • “I’ll just say it, San Diego is a football town.”
  • There’s also an outside chance at Anchorman (odds are high at +5000) “Stay Classy, San Diego”…or saying out loud “Saint Diego”


Just Gus Johnson Yelling

We know him, we love him, just Gus Johnson yelling…

  • “Going long for Emeeeezzzzziiiiiieeeeeeeeee….YEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!”
  • “The Bruins have awoken from their slumber!”
  • “Oh my, Ingle just came up and said ‘hello’!”
  • “Here we gooooooooooo!”
  • “65. Yards. To. The. House. Touchdown!”


Get ready folks…#GoPack


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