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Ryan Finley’s Legacy at NC State



NC State Quarterback Ryan Finley is one of the best to play the position in school history.

It’s honestly not up for debate.

He’s the most accurate quarterback in school history. He ranks 2nd in career interception avoidance. He ranks 2nd in career passing efficiency rating.

Career Completion Percentage

1. Ryan Finley, 2016-18 – 64.5%
2. Philip Rivers, 2000-03 – 63.6%
3. Mike Glennon, 2009-12 – 60.4%
4. Terry Jordan, 1989-92 – 60.1%
5. Jacoby Brissett, 2014-15 – 59.9%

Career Interception Avoidance

1. Jacoby Brissett 2014-15 – 1.44%
2. Ryan Finley 2016-18 – 1.83%
3. Philip Rivers 2000-03 – 1.99%
4. Russell Wilson 2008-10 – 2.20%
5. Mike Glennon 2009-12 – 2.90%

Career Passing Efficiency Rating

1. Philip Rivers, 2000-03 – 144.2
2. Ryan Finley, 2016-18 – 140.0
3. Russell Wilson, 2008-10 – 135.5
4. Jacoby Brissett, 2014-15 – 133.4
5. Dave Buckey, 1972-74 – 133.1

Though he only played 3 seasons, he finished his career with most 300-yard games, the 2nd most passing yards, and the 4th most touchdown passes.

300-Yard Passing Games

1. Ryan Finley, 2016-18 – 18
1. Philip Rivers, 2000-03 – 18
3. Russell Wilson, 2008-10 – 12
4. Mike Glennon, 2009-12 – 8
5. Jamie Barnette, 1996-99 – 5

Career Passing Yards

1. Philip Rivers, 2000-03 – 13,484
2. Ryan Finley, 2016-18 – 10,501
3. Jamie Barnette, 1996-99 – 9,461
4. Russell Wilson, 2008-10 – 8,545
5. Mike Glennon, 2009-12 – 7,411

Career Passing Touchdowns

1. Philip Rivers, 2000-03 – 95
2. Russell Wilson, 2008-10 – 76
3. Mike Glennon, 2009-12 – 63
4. Ryan Finley, 2016-18 – 60
5. Jamie Barnette, 1996-99 – 59

Finley is one of only 2 quarterbacks to lead their team to back-to-back 9 win seasons, joining Dave Buckey (1973-74).

Each year he was in Raleigh, he improved in passing yards, completion percentage, and passing efficiency.

2016: 3,059/60.4%/135.2
2017: 3,514/65.1%/136.0
2018: 3,928/67.4%/148.0

Finley’s Senior campaign was one of the best statistical seasons at NC State, ranking 3rd in passing yards, 2nd in completion percentage, 2nd in passing efficiency, 2nd in 300 yard games, and 3rd in completions.

He earned 1st Team All-ACC honors this year, becoming 1 of only 7 Wolfpack signal callers to take home the accolade.

2018 – Ryan Finley
2008 – Russell Wilson
2003 – Philip Rivers
1984-85 – Erik Kramer
1975 – Dave Buckey
1963 – Jim Rossi
1960-61 – Roman Gabriel

Stats are nice, but if they don’t lead to wins, they aren’t nearly as pretty. Finley ranks 2nd in school history in nearly every statistical category, and that is complimented by his winning percentage. If you look at the names that are continually cited as the best to play quarterback at NC State, Finley has the 2nd best winning percentage.

Winning Percentage

Philip Rivers – 66.7%
Ryan Finley – 64.1%
Mike Glennon – 57.7%
Jacoby Brissett – 57.7%
Russell Wilson – 52.8%

If you compare his winning percentage against ACC opponents, it ranks 1st among that crew.

ACC Winning Percentage

Ryan Finley – 58.3%
Philip Rivers – 53.1%
Mike Glennon – 50%
Russell Wilson – 45.8%
Jacoby Brissett – 37.5%

Not only is Finley one of the best quarterbacks in NC State history, but he’s also one of the most productive in ACC history, ranking 3rd in career passing yards, 4th in career passing yards per game, 5th in career total offense, and 1st in 300-yard games.

ACC Career Passing Yards

1. Philip Rivers, NC State, 2000-03 – 13,484
2. Tajh Boyd, Clemson, 2010-13 – 11,904
3. Ryan Finley, NC State, 2016-18 – 10,501
4. Deshaun Watson, Clemson, 2014-16 – 10,163
5. Thaddeus Lewis, Duke, 2006-09 – 10,065

ACC Career Passing Yards Per Game

1. Jameis Winston, Florida State, 2013-14 – 295.0
2. Philip Rivers, NC State, 2000-03 – 275.2
3. Chris Weinke, Florida State, 1997-00 – 273.3
4. Ryan Finley, NC State, 2016-18 – 269.3
5. Deshaun Watson, Clemson, 2014-16 – 267.5

ACC Career Total Offense

1. Philip Rivers, NC State, 2000-03 – 13,582
2. Lamar Jackson, Louisville, 2015-17 – 13,175
3. Tajh Boyd, Clemson, 2010-13 – 13,069
4. Deshaun Watson, Clemson, 2014-16 – 12,097
5. Ryan Finley, NC State, 2016-18 – 10,828

If you were to list who the best quarterbacks in NC State history, the list always begins with Philip Rivers, as it should, but Ryan Finley’s legacy isn’t far behind.


NC State Football

Dave Doeren’s Press Conference After WVU: BULLETED



Head Coach Dave Doeren met with the media in his postgame press conference after NC State’s 44-27 loss to West Virginia yesterday. You can watch the video here, or check out a bulleted breakdown below.

  • 1st half did some good things offensively.
  • 2nd half couldn’t stop edges of their run game.
  • Give them credit. Did a lot of different things than we’d seen.
  • Adjusted, but didn’t do a good job getting players to understand adjustments.
  • Coaches have to own the loss first and foremost. Players have to be able to take the coaching.
  • Not ourselves.
  • Blocked punt a major mistake on mental error. Catchup from that point, & weren’t throwing ball well enough for that.
  • 5 of 17 on third down.
  • When you give up 200 yards rushing it’s hard to win.
  • We won’t let this game define us.

Touchdown struggles in 2nd half…

  • Multitude of things.
    • Dropped passes
    • Batted balls when we had guys open.
    • We ran the ball well into the boundary in 1st. They adjusted.
    • They won battle of the trenches today.

Run Defense issues…

  • Couldn’t stop the edges.
  • Have to be able to adjust during the game.

Matt McKay…

  • Did some good things.
  • Don’t think he played rattled.
  • Calm on sidelines.
  • Could do a lot of things better obviously.
  • A lot of things that happen are out of his control.
    • Dropped passes.
    • Not running the route right.
  • Easy to blame me. I’ll take it. Easy to blame QB, but there’s a lot of people involved, and all have to own it.




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NC State Football

West Virginia 44 NC State 27: ACCDN HIGHLIGHT REEL



NC State lost their first game of the season today to West Virginia on the road, falling to the Mountaineers 44-27 in Morgantown. The ACC Digital Network’s Highlight Reel is below.

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NC State Football

West Virginia 44 NC State 27: OUR TAKE



There wasn’t much to like about NC State’s performance this afternoon in a 44-27 blowout on the road at West Virginia.

The Wolfpack entered the game as 7-point favorites, and ended up losing by 17.

Excuses could be made.

Graduate Redshirt Senior Defensive End James Smith-Williams and Senior Cornerback Nick McCloud were unable to play. Both are captains, and both are starters. Redshirt Freshman Joseph Boletepeli was also out of commission.

With that being said, excuses don’t need to be made here. They won’t cover up what was a completely lack luster performance on both sides of the ball for the Wolfpack.

An anemic Mountaineers offense came alive against NC State today, for 445 yards of Total Offense.

Redshirt Junior Quarterback Austin Kendall had his coming out party against a rowdy home crowd. It’s funny how players always love to have career efforts against NC State, but I digress. Kendall is no slouch. He was a 4-Star prospect coming out of high school, committing to Oklahoma, before transferring to West Virginia to be the man to fill the shoes of Will Grier. He looked the part today, completing 27 of 40 passes for 272 yards with 3 touchdowns (1 interception) for a passing efficiency rating of 144.4.

Wide Receiver Sam James put on a clinic, with 9 receptions (career high) for 155 yards (career high) and a touchdown.

The Mountaineers averaged 1.1 yards per carry the first two games, and managed to average 6.2 today.

NC State’s offense struggled, due in large part to the struggles of Redshirt Sophomore Matt McKay. He wasn’t sharp, and didn’t look ready for this stage. I’m not saying he can’t get there, but it was a rough outing. He was overthrowing, under-throwing, throwing behind, etc. McKay finished the day 23 of 48 for 207 yards with 1 touchdown (0 interceptions).

Junior Wide Receiver Emeka Emezie was his target of choice, targeting him an insane 23 times. Emezie finished with 12 receptions for 103 yards. It was good to see Redshirt Junior Tight End Cary Angeline being featured two weeks in a row, reeling in 4 receptions for 74 yards and a touchdown.

Freshman Zonovan Knight and Sophomore Ricky Person were both effective today. Knight had 72 yards rushing (6.0 yards per carry), and Person had 52 yards (4.7 yards per carry).

The total yardage left much to be desired, producing 369 yards of total offense, but they didn’t turn the ball over, and put up 27 points on the road in a hostile environment. The defense giving up 44 points is what should be sending the biggest alarm bells off.

The Wolfpack will try to get the train back on the tracks next week, hosting Ball State at 7pm in Carter-Finley Stadium.

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NC State Football

West Virginia 44 NC State 27: BOX SCORE



NC State fell 44-27 on the road against West Virginia this afternoon, falling to 2-1 on the year. The box score is below.

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