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ONE WORD: Doeren’s extension, NC State basketball’s transfer additions, and more


ONE WORD: Doeren’s extension, NC State basketball’s transfer additions, and more

ONE WORD: Doeren’s extension, NC State basketball’s transfer additions, and more

An interesting week to say the least in Wolfpack land. For the most part, lots of success all around from just about every sport in action. We wanted to take a closer look at things, with another installment of “One Word.”

Dave Doeren getting an extension that would keep him as head coach through 2025.

Vonwolf – “Optimistic”: I can already hear all the haters saying “So you’re content not being a stud program? Fine, enjoy your eight wins a year and a stupid bowl game.” Of course, I want to win it all, but let’s be honest here, there are a TON of programs that wished that they could get to eight wins every year. In current times of wild coaching carousels, I’m good having a winner in place. Furthermore, I think we’re about to hit a nice streak of serious depth in this program. My only hope is we play better within the ACC, which has been a struggle. Win the games you should, steal some games you shouldn’t, let’s see if we can’t play a game in January.

Wolferetti – “EarnIt”: Yeah it’s two words, but I made it into one word for this dumb little game we play. Doeren has done a good job with what he’s had but let me be real here… I’m still not sold. I’ll forgive the guy for his 9-23 conference record over his first 4 years because the next two seemed like we were headed in the right direction. Then came that 1-7 conference record in 2019. But then bounces back with a 7 win season last year and finally beat a team who finished ranked in the Top 25. This type of uneven growth has me hesitant. The guy says the right things and seems like he’s giving this his all, but is he the long-term answer for NC State? TBD if you ask me. But yeah they needed to extend him to find out, so good on NC State, but DD needs a couple of really good seasons, with Leary at the helm, to convince me of anything.

Keatts gets Morsell from UVA, as Jayden Gardner becomes a Wahoo.

Vonwolf – “F*cking Ready”: I truly feel like Gardner was the missing piece to getting this program to another level. That said, it’s not necessary to have a ton of bigs. Keatts has repeatedly said that he wants a fast team, full court, attack and defend system. Well, he has that, albeit very young. Gantt and Morsell are near perfect for this system and I can guarantee we’re going to love watching the incoming freshmen grow. Will there be bumps in the road? 100%. Does Keatts have additional pressure and a tight timeline to make this work? 100% But do I think we’re going to be battling every freaking game? 100% I want energy and an underdog mentality, and we have that without a doubt.

Wolferetti – “Sneaky”: Well, the Morsell pickup at least. The kid is a former 4-star. He was one of the 6th best SG in his class and the best player in DC. He’s good, he just was playing in the wrong system. Keatts system is about long, athletic, defensive-minded guards/wings creating havoc. We haven’t seen his vision realized yet, and next year he’ll finally have deep enough stable to implement it. As for Gardner? Yeah, it would’ve been nice to have a beast in the middle, but did he really fit? If Keatts is going to go all-in on his system, Gardner just wasn’t a perfect match.

Wes Moore brings in two All-Freshman Guards; Johnson (Rutgers) and Hayes (Miss State).

Vonwolf – “Ecstatic”: What is this feeling? Are we…are we building a State super WBB program?!? Not only do you have your top-9 returning players, but then you add award winning “freshmen” to the group. It’s not crazy to think that Wes Moore has built out a five year plan of excellence with who he has on this roster. Without the fear of jumping early to the WNBA, he know what he has and it’s easy to see it working out well. There is no doubt, State will be odds on favorite to win ACC for the foreseeable future. The issue is, can they make it past this Sweet Sixteen hump? Granted, we’re talking about one NCAAT run with this group, just gotta win while the gettin’ is good.

Wolferetti – “King Him”: Absolutely program changing gets. You keep your. entire team and you add two 5-star transfers who are game ready? Are you kidding me? On the other hand, after the season he just had, it’s Final Four or bust for NC State and Moore. Is he ready for that heat? My guess is, he is. But the talent is there now. No one can argue that they don’t have the horses, so it’s a question of chemistry and coaching. Fall flat and you know who gets the blame? Moore. “To whom much is given, much is expected” NC State fans want a championship and anything too short of that is going to come with some criticism.

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