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One Word: NC State Baseball, Football and Russell Wilson


One Word: NC State Baseball, Football and Russell Wilson

One Word: NC State Baseball, Football and Russell Wilson

While most sports have quieted down from an electric last few months, Vonwolf and Wolferetti still have some things to discuss. One Word from two guys, here we go.

State Baseball coming back to life, winning 13 of last 16 and getting more talk about a potential NCAAT invite.

Vonwolf – “Deja Vu”: Tell me if you’ve heard this story before…A State team disappoints you to the point you say, “I’m done with you”…then they get hot and you have to seek counseling from friends and family as you DIVE. RIGHT. BACK. IN. The team had some embarrassing moments of blown up ERAs, arrests and just looking like a waste of a season. That said, starting pitching has been insane and the bats have been steady these last five or so weeks. There was no way in hell I would have bet on them to even sniff the NCAAT, but here we are. Like Basketball’s late run, I have the optimistic tingling sensation all over. Just hope they can pull this wild ride off.

Wolferetti – “Finally”: Geeze. I can’t say I didn’t expect some ups and downs this season, but NC State baseball had a few early stretches that made me think the season was going to be a disaster. But in true NC State fashion, just when you’re ready to give up, they reel you back in. The Pack has gone on a run here, and now is all but locked into the NCAAT at this point. It took a while for this team to put the pieces together, but it’s all about where you end up and this current streak has me doing a full 180, wondering if this team could make a deep run in the postseason.

Football returns 20 starters from last year and Carter-Finley will be packed come Fall.

Vonwolf – “ExplosionInMyPants”: Not only is that one word, it will 1000% happen on 9/2 when football and fans return to Carter-Finley. Last year’s squad pulled off an underrated season. A mess of QBs and other injuries and yet still overall successful. Now nearly everyone is back with transfers that only further boost this offense? My God. When howling sounds are raging through the speakers, smoke and lights are pouring from that tunnel and the band sound level is cranked to 52 when they run out…my pants don’t stand a chance. Sidenote: The best part about this word, is it’s foolproof. State wins with 60k in attendance? ExplosionInMyPants…State comes out and plays horrible to lose and C-F is dead silent? ExplosionInMyPants, just the other direction.

Wolferetti – “MakeOrBreak”: This is a big one for Doeren. He’s coming off a season where his team overachieved in a big way and he’s bringing back 20 starters. He’s also got Leary healthy. That’s why is why it’s a make or break. What’s the excuse if they underperform? There really isn’t one. But enough about the negatives, this season could be special. The pieces are in place, and if Doeren can improve on last years success, it may springboard the program to the next level, erasing any doubt left on whether Doeren is the man for the job or not.

Russell Wilson returning to State as Commencement Speaker.

Vonwolf – “Respect”: There may or may not be a future long-form of this very subject. It’s still weird to me that Wilson was so good at State, but yet the emotions and opinions about him are so differing. I’m not here to start yet another conversation on whether TOB was wrong or right…I’m here to seek guidance on why I think Wilson’s floating between 80-90% on my Love Meter. The man, I really do think, loves NC State. I hope that him coming back is the first true step into seeing him more often in Raleigh. Everybody is Ride or Die with Rivers, feel like we need to get to that point with Wilson too.

Wolferetti – “HappyMad”: After all of these years of wondering how Wilson REALLY feels about NC State, we finally have some action. Wilson is coming home to speak to the seniors in a commencement speech. This makes me giddy and mostly for selfish reasons. I want NC State to be able to officially claim Russell Wilson. The guy spent most of his career here and made his name here. So when I see people refer to him as a former Wisconsin QB, it pisses me off. At the same time, why the hell did it take so long Russell? Why not come back and put this argument to rest. Maybe he needed time to let it all simmer. Who knows, but I’m glad he’s decided to put the hard feelings aside and come back. I’m also mad for years I didn’t know how to feel about the guy. While he was becoming a superstar in the NFL I rooted for him, but constantly wondered if we could officially claim him. With this move, I think it’s clear. Any beef that was there is finished, and Russell Wilson is OURS!

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