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NC State Football

Dave Doeren Talks After Practice: NC State’s 2018 Fall Camp: 8/9/18



Head Coach Dave Doeren spoke with the media today after practice, as NC State continues in Fall Camp, now in full pads. Here’s what he had to say in BULLETED form.

  • In full pads, you are able to coach fundamentals and technique differently. Without pads you don’t really get to see the flaws in a lot of the play. Get to see guys finish. Defensive knocking some of the balls out today. Whether ball security is where it needs to be. See who is tough. Having the heat helps.
  • Players that you want look forward to the heat and full pads. If that’s not what you want, then why are you out here?
  • Had a day off yesterday. Good for them physically and mentally.
  • Good having Redshirt Junior Freddie Phillips back (tore his achilles in season opener last season). Worked hard. Everyone is pulling for him. Still has the yellow jersey on. Try hard guy. Tough guy. Cares a lot.
  • Freshman Defensive Tackle Alim McNeil was pretty out of football shape I would say. He’s starting to come along. Starting to see him. He’s explosive. He’s got to learn what he’s doing and play with better technique. Excited about what he can do.
  • Redshirt Freshman Ibrahim Kante (DE) as I mentioned the other day continues to show.
  • Good having Redshirt Sophomore Shug Frazier (DT) back in practice.
  • Those are the guys standing out on the D-Line (McNeil, Frazier, Kante).
  • Seniors Darian Roseboro and James Smith-Williams have done a really good job leading at the end position. Senior Defensive Tackle Eurndraus Bryant is a quiet guy, and goes about his business everyday. Graduate Defensive End Deonte Holden is trying to give the guys spirit everyday as well.
  • Biggest area to improve on defense is to get more interceptions. Want more. Done a nice job stopping the run and creating fumbles. Tackles for loss, sacks and plays in the backfield have been above par, just need to get more balls going in the other direction. DB’s need to make their layups when the ball hits them in the hands.
  • Sophomore Chris Ingram is doing well. Going against guys like Kelvin Harmon, and being in position, yet still not stopping him can be frustrating. Made a great play today punching the ball out. Like his attitude and how he’s going about his business. Good competition at cornerback.
  • Redshirt Sophomore Wide Receiver CJ Riley is more confident. He’s now two years away from a torn ACL, so that helps. He’s 6’5″, and the fastest guy on the team. Played really well the first four days, and kind of hit the wall on day 5. Was better today. Expect him to be productive this season.
  • Good competition at nickelback. Still waiting for Redshirt Junior Stephen Griffin (transfer from Tennessee) to come back. Lingering ankle thing. When they have him, Freddie Phillips and Freshman Tanner Ingle feel good about those guys and that depth. Ingle has looked really good.
  • Ingle has looked the best of the defensive freshman so far.

NC State Football

VIDEO: ACC Digital Network’s Official Ryan Finley Highlights



The ACC Digital Network released NC State Quarterback Ryan Finley’s Official Highlight Reel.

Finley Facts from the Video
2-Time All-ACC
64.7% career completion percentage. Best in NC State history
10,366 career passing yards. 2nd in school history
60 career touchdown passes. 4th in school history
5 career rushing touchdowns

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NC State Football

Kelvin Harmon’s Legacy at NC State



Unfortunately, the days of watching Wide Receiver Kelvin Harmon in an NC State uniform have come to an end. Harmon announced on Monday that he would not be returning for his Senior season in Raleigh, would be declaring for the 2019 NFL Draft, and wouldn’t be playing in the Wolfpack’s Gator Bowl matchup against #19 Texas A&M on December 31st.

To be honest, there’s nothing shocking about this news. In a quick survey of three prominent mock drafts right now, he was a Top-10 pick in one, a later 1st rounder in another, and an early 2nd round pick in the other.

Even though Harmon only played 3 seasons at NC State, he’s one of best to ever play the wide receiver position in school history. The question is…how high do you rank him?

He finished his career ranked with the 4th most receptions, 3rd most receiving yards, and the 7th most touchdown receptions.

Career Receptions Leaders
1. Jaylen Samuels, 2014-2017 – 202
2. Jerricho Cotchery, 2000-03 – 200
3. Torry Holt, 1995-98 – 191
4. Kelvin Harmon, 2016-18 – 177
5. Eddie Goines, 1991-94 – 147

Career Receiving Yards Leaders
1. Torry Holt, 1995-98 – 3,379
2. Jerricho Cotchery, 2000-03 – 3,119
3. Kelvin Harmon, 2016-18 – 2,665
4. Owen Spencer, 2007-10 – 2,441
5. Eddie Goines, 1991-94 – 2,351

Career Touchdown Receptions
1. Torry Holt, 1995-98 -31
2. Jerricho Cotchery, 2000-03 – 21
3. Jarvis Williams, 2007-10 – 20
4. Jaylen Samuels, 2014-17 – 19
5. Eddie Goines, 1991-94 – 17
5. George Bryan, 2008-11 – 17
7. Kelvin Harmon, 2016-18 – 16

100-Yard Games
1. Jerricho Cotchery, 2000-03 – 15
2. Torry Holt, 1995-98 – 14
2. Koren Robinson, 1999-00 – 14
4. Kelvin Harmon, 2016-18 – 12
5. Eddie Goines, 1991-94 8

Harmon is the only player on the above lists that only played 3 seasons at NC State. To be clear, of Harmon would have returned for his Senior season, he would have shattered Torry Holt’s are we receiving yards record and Jaylen Samuels’ career receptions record.

If you were to judge these players by what their average season production was, he would top all of them in receiving yards and receptions per season.

Average Receiving Yards Per Season

Kelvin Harmon – 888 yards
Torry Holt – 845 yards

(Koren Robinson would take the cake for the highest average per season (957), but since he only played 2 seasons, he isn’t on the above list.)

Average Receptions Per Season

Kelvin Harmon – 59
Jaylen Samuels – 50.5

(Koren Robinson averaged 55 receptions per season at NC State.)

100-yard games per season

Koren Robinson – 7
Kelvin Harmon – 4

Harmon’s Junior campaign was one of the best single-seasons in school history, ranking 4th in receptions (81) and 4th in receiving yards.

Most Receptions in a Season
1. Jakobi Meyers, 2018 – 89
2. Torry Holt, 1998 – 88
3. Jerricho Cotchery, 2003 – 86
4. Kelvin Harmon, 2018 – 81
5. Jaylen Samuels, 2017 – 76
6. Kelvin Harmon, 2017 – 69
6. Tramain Hall, 2003 – 69

Most Receiving Yards in a Season

1. Torry Holt, 1998 – 1,604
2. Jerricho Cotchery, 2003 – 1,369
3. Jerricho Cotchery, 2002 – 1,192
4. Kelvin Harmon, 2016-18 – 1,186
4. Torry Holt, 1997 – 1,099
5. Koren Robinson, 2000 – 1,061
6. Jakobi Meyers, 2018 – 1,024
7. Kelvin Harmon, 2017 – 1,017

If you break it down by season, Harmon was one of the best to play the position as a Freshman, Sophomore and Junior. His 462 receiving yards as a Freshman ranks 3rd in school history for a frosh. His 69 receptions as a Sophomore are tied for the most ever, and his 1,017 receiving yards rank second. Harmon’s 81 receptions is the 2nd most by a Junior (behind teammate Jakobi Meyers), and his 1,186 rank 2nd as well.

As you can below, NC State has had a legacy of 1st Team All-ACC, but it had been 14 years since Jerricho Cotchery made the team in 2003. That’s the longest drought in school history.

NC State 1st Team All-ACC Wide Receivers

2018 – Kelvin Harmon
2018 – Jakobi Meyers
2003 – Jerricho Cotchery
2002 – Jerricho Cotchery
1999 – Koren Robinson
1998 – Torry Holt
1997 – Torry Holt
1994 – Eddie Goines
1993 – Eddie Goines
1991 – Charles Davenport
1988 – Nasrallah Worthen
1986 – Nasrallah Worthen
1975 – Don Buckey
1972 – Pat Kenney
1967 – Harry Martell
1966 – Gary Rowe

Harmon is one of the Top-4 wide receivers in NC State history. That’s not even debatable in my mind.

Personally, I think Holt is still the G.O.A.T. Even though Harmon averaged more receiving yards and receptions per season, Holt dominated him in touchdowns (31). Also, Harmon never had a season like Holt’s Senior season (1,604 receiving yards & 16 touchdowns.

If you’re looking at accolades, Holt was a consensus 1st Team All-American in 1998 and Robinson was a 2nd Team All-American 2000 (I know all of the All-American Teams haven’t been announced for 2018). Cotchery was a 2-time 1st Team All-ACC honoree (as was Holt).

With all that being said, I reserve the top spot for Holt, but a legitimate conversation can be had for Harmon to be #2, 3, or #4.

Wolfpack fans, consider yourself privileged. You had the chance to watch one of the greatest of all-time in school history the past three years in Kelvin Harmon.

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NC State Football

NC State’s Tyler Jones Accepts Invitation to Play in East-West Shrine Game



Redshirt Senior Left Tackle Tyler Jones has accepted an invitation to play in the 2019 East-West Shrine Game.

Last year Left Guard Tony Adams and Defensive End Kentavius Street represented the Wolfpack in the East-West Game.

Jones was named the official All-ACC 1st Team, the AP All-ACC 1st Team, and the ProFootballFocus All-ACC 2nd Team. He also earned 1st Team honors from the ACSMA as a Junior.

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NC State Football

NC State Center Garrett Bradbury Named to Walter Camp All-American 1st Team



NC State Redshirt Graduate Senior Center Garrett Bradbury has been named to the Walter Camp All-American 1st Team.

Bradbury is only the 6th player in school history to do so, and the Wolfpack have had a player on the 1st Team in back-to-back years for the first time in school history.

NC State Walter Camp 1st Team All-Americans
1967 – Dennis Byrd (DT)
1973 – Bill Yoest (OG)
1979 – Jim Ritcher (C)
2011 – David Amerson (CB)
2017 – Bradley Chubb (DE)
2018 – Garrett Bradbury (C)

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