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Ladies & Gentlemen…Introducing…THE TURNOVER BONE



College football teams have been using gimmicky props on the sidelines to motivate their defensive players to create turnovers for years now.

Whether it’s a Turnover Trashcan, Chain, Mardi Gras Beads, Ric Flair Robe, Throne, Chalice, Crown, Professional Wrestling Championship Belt, Coal Miners Hat, White Board, Spiked “Savage” Shoulder Pads, Plank (These are all real).

NC State decided to join the party today, unveiling the “Turnover Bone.”

I’m not trying to be superstitious, but after the Wolfpack created 4 turnovers, why did it take Doeren 8 years to unveil this magical object.

Check out what Doeren, Alim McNeil and Jakeen Harris had to say about the Turnover Bone after the game.

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