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Wolferetti: No Rivals, Dave Doeren is not on the hot seat

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Wolferetti: No Rivals, Dave Doeren is not on the hot seat

Wolferetti: No Rivals, Dave Doeren is not on the hot seat

This morning, Rivals national staff writer, Mike Ferrell wrote a ‘Fact or Fiction’ article, outlining a few statements, and then judging them as Fact or Fiction.

Not only was Doeren’s job security on the list, but it was the lead statement and image for the entire piece.

Let me save you the click. He called it fiction and pointed out that when he brought up the idea on the Rivals message board he was laughed at. Which, yeah, of course, he was.

This is clickbait and here is how it works. Ferrell finds an extremely passionate fanbase that overreacts to just about everything, creates a question that doesn’t even exist within that fanbase, and then answers his own questions. NC State fans click it, sites like ours and others write an article about how it’s a dumb premise, to begin with. He then gets, even more, clicks and exposure, and the gross 24/7 media cycle keeps on churning.

We really didn’t have to respond to this, but it’s 2021, and what’s true or false on the internet seems to be a debate that never ends.  With that said,  while the conversation is happening, it’s as good a time as any to really lake a look at Doeren. Not in the context of “is he on the hot seat?’ but in the context of ‘Why he’s NOT on the hot seat.’

Maybe this article would have been relevant after year 4. Or heck, even after year 7. But not right now, it just seems lazy and here’s why.

I’ve watched and covered NC State for the entirety Dave Doeren’s tenure, and last year was the first year that I was sure that Dave Doeren would be here for a long time. Despite losing a QB who looked like he was on his way to becoming NC State’s next star signal-caller, Doeren took a team led by the little-better-than-mediocre Bailey Hockman to an 8-4 record. He finished 7-3 in the ACC and finished tied for 4th.

This year Leary is back, the defense is mostly back, you have studs in the backfield, and your best WR is coming back. The pieces are starting to come together for Doeren and with almost the same staff he had last year, NC State should be a year older and a year better.

NC State fans seem to be on the same page here. Doeren had his rough patches, but the administration and the fan base really never waivered, even in his low points. So why in the world would they turn on him just as it all seem to be coming together?

I don’t know and really, neither does he. Dave Doeren is not on the hot seat, but after this article, maybe Mike Ferrell should be.

A pasta eatin', Wolfpack lovin' loudmouth from Raleigh by way of New Jersey. Jimmy V and Chuck Amato fanboy. All opinions are my own and you're gonna hear'em.

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