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All Signs are Pointing to Bates Returning to NC State

NC State Basketball

All Signs are Pointing to Bates Returning to NC State

All Signs are Pointing to Bates Returning to NC State

I want to preface this all with, no official word from either the school, program or Bates, himself. This is us playing detective and coming to the realization that there are a lot of things trending in the right direction for Bates to return.

Two weeks ago, the State Basketball world went haywire. The amount of texts and calls I got was insane. How in the world could Bates be out the door? How could we, in one week, lose two amazing players in Bates and Moore? Since then, here’s what has happened.

  • Bates’ name has not entered the transfer portal.
  • Bates’ name has not been linked to agent or declaring for NBA Draft.
  • Bates was at two team meetings, including the second of which, that State’s SID confirmed he was present.
  • Trequavion Smith, in an Instagram live video, was playing hoops with Bates and even made sure everyone watching knew, “He’s not going anywhere.”
  • Bates attends team steak dinner (But if we’re being honest? Closed circle, tell all? I’d take that steak dinner 10000%, regardless of situation).
  • The entire team has been at the practice facility (outside of Ross who is making his way up from Florida) for off-season workouts.
  • Georgetown insiders are hearing that Bates to Georgetown is a no go. See below.

It’s ALWAYS good news when the enemy is like “yeah, this is over.” We look forward to hearing it from the man himself. Until then, we’ll take the streak of recent news as a good sign.

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3 months ago

For a couple of weeks “all the signs” pointed to leaving, now to staying. Hope it’s true!!
The good news is, the team is on campus – excepting Ross – right now and working out together, hopefully building bonds. Ross comes in a month for second summer session. Terquavion Smith and Manny Bates are apparently friends, hope that encourages Manny to stay and be happy about it.

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