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Vegas Puts NC State Baseball’s Chances LOW

NC State Baseball

Vegas Puts NC State Baseball’s Chances LOW

Vegas Puts NC State Baseball’s Chances LOW

After battling their way to a series win against the top team in the country, State still ain’t getting any respect. After beating Arkansas, State will be heading to Omaha with the second worst odds to pull off a Championship win.

I’m not here to say they should be favorites, nor would I feel comfortable placing a large some of money on them (note: I wrote this with my wife looking over my shoulder), but 7th out of 8?!

Vanderbilt +235
Tennessee +330
Texas +400
Arizona +625
Miss State +850
Stanford +1000
NC State +1200
UVA +1400

This odds are telling though. As an unbiased opinion, State’s side of the bracket is “easier” compared to other. While Vandy has the best starting pitching in the country, Stanford and Arizona have had mixed seasons. Vegas is looking at the Tennessee vs Texas as the winner take all matchup, thus pushing Vandy higher.

Luckily, *knocks on wood*, State would face Leiter instead of projected #1 pick Rocker in the second game. Frankly, like a 5% difference.

We won’t get ahead of ourselves. Just know that if State could have beat Duke, those odds would look 100% different, probably just ahead of Arizona. One of the hottest teams in the country, that scraps their way to wins, is heading to Omaha with something to prove.

Passionate State fan that just wants to anything...

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1 month ago

Using “they’ and “them”, when referring to we and us. That’s just wrong. 😉
We’re all Wolfpack.

1 month ago

Those odds are not actually bad, considering the favorite is not better than about 3:1.
Beating #1 seed Arkansas, meant we took their place in the bracket. That means we start with the worst national seed remaining, Stanford(9). Then the #4 seed, Vanderbilt. We don’t even face the 2 or 3 seeds until next week. That’s what beating the #1 seed did for us.
I like our chances.

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