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NC State’s Fans and New Batting Helmet Tradition, Are Just the Best

NC State Baseball

NC State’s Fans and New Batting Helmet Tradition, Are Just the Best

NC State’s Fans and New Batting Helmet Tradition, Are Just the Best

I love the Little League World Series. Not only can I not fathom how good 12 years olds can be at baseball, but the environment is incredible. You’re witnessing dreams being achieved in real-time. Beyond the players, one of the best parts, and actually fairly underrated, is the fact parents, siblings and friends are a part of those magical moments.

The College World Series goes one level up. Take that 12 year old and go through 8 more years of travel ball, high school, more travel ball and college. So the fact that I get to see parents rocking a ‘Homer Helmet’, is beyond awesome to me. (Not sure if that’s the official name, but it should 100000% be called the ‘Homer Helmet’.)

Homer Helmet

Here’s the backstory. Jonny Butler hits an insane home run against Arkansas, after a fan makes a literal “Jonny Butler Sucks” shirt. It’s then decided that the helmet is given to a parent who’s kid hit the last dinger. They then wear it until the next home run. So now we have folks rocking double hat helmets and living it up in the stands. It’s BEAUTIFUL.













Pack Leaders in Loudness

State’s fandom has been well documented this CWS run. Whether in Fayetteville or Omaha, the fact “Wolf-Pack” chants can be EASILY heard is beyond amazing. Days before the CWS even started, the city of Omaha was covered in Red (and not that dull crimson red). We take pride in our team and have a hell of a lot of fun doing it.

So if there are any questions on which school has the most rapid fanbase, know this…If you don’t list State, you’re a loser and absolutely dead to me. Furthermore, if you don’t think WPN would support a baseball team and fill a new ballpark, GTFO. The love of everything State is strong and its pride in teams massive.


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