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If you’re reading this, there is a 99.9% chance you planned on rooting heavily for Miss State already. But if somehow, someway you’re on the fence, here’s five more reasons to be all-in on the Omadawgs.

1. Miss State Has NEVER Won a Team Natty

As WPN, we’re sick of hearing about not winning the big one since 1983…now imagine NEVER winning anything. Miss State University is actually older than NC State, but the cupboards are bare. Not only would Vandy lose, but they’d allow another SEC institution the opportunity to raise their very first NCAA trophy.


2. Miss State Fans Are On Our Side

Does this have to do with the aforementioned SEC rivalry? Oh for sure. (Have a buddy that thought his neighbor was a State fan with how hard he was yelling after the Tatum home run. Turns out it was an LSU fan that just wanted SEC Vandy to fail.)

But reports are coming out that Miss State fans are helping with hotel costs and buying dinner and drinks around Omaha. There is officially a State group rocking out in Nebraska having a good time together, cursing another school under their breath. Cool thing is, we play them in football this Fall, so this will only build up to that glorious tailgate scene in Starkville.


3. The Bottom of The Lineup Produces Hits and Quotes

Unlikely heroes all over the bottom of this Miss State lineup. Better yet, the quote from and about them.

Kellum Clark (bats 8th) talking about Brad “The Mule” Cumbest (bats 7th): “He can talk to anybody. He can talk to a fencepost and have a really good conversation. It’s unreal.”

Tanner Leggett after his game winning hit to send Miss State to Finals, in only his second at-bat of the whole CWS: “Some people get nervous for that situation. I pray for that situation.” Good God, put that in my veins.

Cumbest on this trip to Omaha: “I know it’s corny, but I tell everybody this – It’s a dream, I’m just waiting to wake up right now.”


4. No Respect At All

Which school am I describing?…

State is an Engineering/Agricultural/Education/Natural Resource School that Gets No Respect From Their Conference.

Yep. That’s what I thought. We’re twinsies.

5. Can Literally just Yell “Let’s Go State!”

It’s that simple. No need to add any extra words or phrases. Just do your normal routine.

-“Let’s Go State”
-“Hope State’s pitching shows up.”
-“Need this whole State lineup to produce today.”
-“I hope State beats the ever-living sh*t out of Vandy!”

See? Super easy.

With that, LET’S GO STATE!!!!



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