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Wolferetti: NC State lands 6’10 Dusan Mahorcic in the transfer portal AND I LOVE IT!

NC State Basketball

Wolferetti: NC State lands 6’10 Dusan Mahorcic in the transfer portal AND I LOVE IT!

Wolferetti: NC State lands 6’10 Dusan Mahorcic in the transfer portal AND I LOVE IT!

Dusan Mahorcic isn’t a household name. Hell, I don’t even know how to pronounce that last name. But who cares, if the guy can fill a void in the paint for NC State, then I’ll welcome him with open arms.

Yesterday, Mohorcic chose NC State after spending the past two seasons at Utah.

Mahorcic actually isn’t new to this transfer game. Prior to landing at Utah, he played at Lewis University, then went to a community college, before heading to Illinois State. So yeah, the guy has been around.

On top of that, he was suspended by Utah midway through the season last year for undisclosed reasons.

Everything I’ve told you is probably scaring you. But hear me out.

I really didn’t even need to see the stats. I saw Mahorcic’s highlight reel and immediately knew he was the big we needed (of the ones we targeted). Keatts has everyone convinced that you need a big, long, athletic shot-blocker in the middle. But how has that worked out for him? Aside from Bates, who is a 1 in 1000 type of shot-blocker? Spoiler alert…it hasn’t.

NC State and their band of long, wrangly guards who are slashers first and shooters second, need a back to the basket, physical, fundamental big man. I mean, look at the NCAA Tournament teams? Most of them didn’t have giant shot-blockers roaming the middle. Most of them had fundamental bigs who could rebound, pass and score on the block.

I’ve found it crazy that Keatts hasn’t targeted a big like this before. You have a team of guys who really struggle to shoot it consistently, and you don’t have a ‘dump it down’ big to take some pressure off when shots aren’t falling.

Mohorcic is that guy.

And if you want to point to his stats, go ahead, they ain’t that bad. While at Illinois State he was a 10 point, 7 board guy in 24 minutes per game. At Utah he was a 5.5 point, 4 rebound guy in 14 minutes. During this past season, he was stuck behind Utah’s best player who was a 7-foot center. The point is, last year was right in line with his per-minute numbers at Illinois State.

Meanwhile, NC State was getting beasted in the paint by any and everyone. Dowuona needs to add some aggression if he wants to change that. Gibson is gone to the portal. So now you have Mahorcic, who is 6’10, 225lbs, and a bulldog on the block. He’s a high motor guy who is going to hustle and throw his weight around. He’s not going to block many shots, but he’s crafty around the basket and a decent finisher.

I’m putting the prediction out now. Screenshot it. Mahorcic is going to be a big factor on this NC State team next season. He’s a guy who can pass it from the high post, score it from the block, and a guy who is going to play extremely physical no matter who he’s up against. Sure, he’ll be out-athlete’d on occasion, but for that, we have to hope Dowuona takes another step up next season.

I love this signing and you should too.

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12 days ago

As said, love that physicality! If the clip is any indicator, he will fight for a rebound and a put-back. We need bigs that will slow / discourage the opposition from going inside and is enough of an offensive threat to keep them honest inside – clearly lacking last season.
Isn’t it ironic that, just like DJF, he’s a big who was kicked off his previous team for unspecified rule breaking?
We need Dusan to have his career best season. Let’s go!

13 days ago

I’m all for this addition. He feels like one of those players who’s ready to bloom, and he’s exactly the type we need; someone who likes the paint and thrives on contact. Maybe he will be contagious.

14 days ago

I remember a bearded player who could pull down some boards. Would love to see a Serbian version of “the beard” (and no, I’m not talking about Braxton Beverly)

Last edited 14 days ago by Dof87
14 days ago

Can’t believe their aren’t more people commenting how great it was to fill an absolutely critical hole in our lineup. Guess the news is over 24 hours old. One more scholarship available. If we can find another pure shooter who is deadly from 3, I’ll take him.

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