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VIDEO: Jaylen Samuels After Troy

NC State Football

VIDEO: Jaylen Samuels After Troy

Here is our VIDEO of FB Jaylen Samuels talking to the media after NC State defeated Troy 49-21 in their season opener tonight.


On Matt Dayes…

“Matt Dayes stepped up big time today.  He had a lot of reps.  He played really good.”

On Benson Browne’s touchdown…

“Benson Browne caught his first touchdown, so that’s big for the Tight End crew.”

On whether or not teams will figure out their trick plays…

“I hope people don’t figure it out.  We’re just going to keep executing the plays.”

On Reggie Gallaspy on the goal line… 

“I think it was a touchdown.  I think the refs just didn’t give it to us on that one.”

On scoring three touchdowns in the season opener…

“I just wanted to start off fast.  My goal for this year is to score at least two touchdowns each game.  I just wanted to come out and execute the plays that Coach Canada called.  Whenever the ball comes to me, I just have to make a play.”

On whether or not they ran the same play to him three times…

“All three plays were kind of/sort of the same play.  Blocking scheme wise they were a little different.  We made it work.”

On having no penalties…

“That was big.  One of our goals coming into this game was no penalties and ball security.  We did pretty good and had  a lot of efficient plays.  We work on ball security every day.  That’s the 1st thing we do everyday.”

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