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4 Star David McCormack Breaks Down NC State

NC State Basketball

4 Star David McCormack Breaks Down NC State

4 Star David McCormack Breaks Down NC State

247Sports Andrew Slater caught up with 2018 4-star big man David McCormack (who is on campus at NC State this weekend on an official visit) to get him to breakdown all 6 of the teams in his Final 6.

McCormack has never said that any team in particular led for him, but if you look at what is said in bold below, it seems to me that he is pretty high on the Wolfpack.

Here’s what he had to say about NC State:

Slater: Let’s move onto NC State. I know you’re going to be taking a trip there. What went into the thinking with NC State? Maybe give a statement over your level of excitement that you’re about to take an official visit there.

McCormack: Coach Keatts is a very good guy. I talk to him and Coach Hampton. You know, all great people, great family environment. Coach Keatts, he’s coming off coaching at Hargrave.

Slater: I wondered if you knew him from there. Did you?

McCormack: No, I didn’t know him from Hargrave, but I did know of him from Wilmington.

Slater: He did do very well there. What’s been Coach Keatts’ message so far?

McCormack: Coach Keatts was just saying there’s not going to be any bigs and for me to come in and have the opportunity to play right away, they’re going to have to find somebody as far as rotating because you obviously can’t come in and start playing full college games. Just come in and play right away and be able to play through mistakes and development. Knowing Coach Keatts is a winning coach when he was at both Hargrave and Wilmington and they wanted him.

Slater: There’s a track record.

McCormack: Yeah, he has a track record of winning, which is really good.

Slater: Do you know anyone on the team there? I wasn’t sure if you had any prior teammates who were there.

McCormack: I wouldn’t say prior teammates, but just people know I know of is Lavar Batts and Shaun Kirk just cause he was one of the older kids on the…

Slater: Team Loaded, yeah. What are you looking to see when you take your official visit tomorrow?

McCormack: Just see how the coaches truly interact with the players, getting to know them, trying to find…it’s not more of not why would I want to go here, but why wouldn’t I want to go here.

Slater: Interesting. Look for red flags and stuff like that?

McCormack: Exactly.

Slater: That’s a smart way to do them. Who’s going on the trip with you?

McCormack: It’s just me, my mother, and my aunt.

Slater: Oh, great, great. What are they looking for, especially your mother? What is she looking for?

McCormack: (laughs) Honestly, I haven’t spoken with my mother about what she’s searching for, so we might be on completely different pages. (247)

Click the link above to read what McCormack had to say about the rest of the teams in his Final 6. McCormack said he doesn’t have a timetable of when he plans on making a decision.

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