Keatts Offers 2018 PG Elijah Weaver (video)

Newly minted NC State coach Kevin Keatts has hit the ground running and is already putting out offers. His very first one has gone to 4 star PG (2018) Elijah Weaver.

Weaver was actually on Gottfried’s radar, but it didn’t seem as if he was a true priority. Keatts is making it known right out of the gate that Weaver is a kid he wants bad.

The 6’4 PG hails from Oldsmar, Fl and the early indication is that he’d be headed to either Villanova or Louisville, however with Keatts now in the mix we’ll have to wait and see.

If Weaver is any indication, Keatts is looking for a more pure PG. Gottfried made his living with score-first PGs who dominated the basketball. While this was a trend a few years back, we’ve always made a point to question that style of play. Looking at championship teams, you rarely see one that has a volume scoring PG that dominates possession time.

Elijah Weaver is very shifty for 6’4 and has great anticipation and vision. While he’s still a pretty good scorer, his ability to control tempo and really understand the position is what sets him apart.

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2 months 7 days ago

On an unrelated note LSU just hired VCU’s Wade. These mid major coaches dropping off the board fast.

2 months 7 days ago

I’m a fan of the old school pass first PG so this is a good sign from the new coach. I was not happy when Gott let Tyler Lewis walk and stuck with Barber. Who cares that Barber was ACC leading scorer when we’re bottom dwellers of the ACC.