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UPDATES: Pack commits Ross (FL) and Smith (NC) Go for State Championships

Basketball Recruiting

UPDATES: Pack commits Ross (FL) and Smith (NC) Go for State Championships

UPDATES: Pack commits Ross (FL) and Smith (NC) Go for State Championships

Today, two of the top Wolfpack basketball commitments take center stage in their respective state championships. Hit refresh on your browser for updates on how each is doing.


Big win going one-on-one with fellow recruit Pass, Terquavion backed it up with another win and made it to SportsCenter’s #1 Play of the Day. Undefeated Farmville will face undefeated Hendersonville for the 2A Championship.


Farmville – 113 (Smith: 33 pts / 10 ast / 9 rebs / 5 stl)
Hendersonville – 98

Unreal team Farmville has and Smith is an absolute athletic freak. Throughout the game, it wasn’t sporadic plays by Smith, it was constant. No look passes to find the inside man. Step back threes and hard drives to the hoop. There was legitimately minute spans where it felt like the game was on repeat with drive and score, drive and score, drive and score.

Smith in the Final Four competition, finished with 63 total points as Farmville ended each game with 113 total. Those total, obvious state records. Smith wins MVP.

Smith definitely needs to clean up his game and decision making at points, but there is no doubts, he’ll be a lightning rod from Day 1. Long, lean, athletic and, when hot, unstoppable.


After a disappointing semifinals that saw him on the floor for less than 8 minutes, Ross will look to literally rebound in the Championship. His Santa Fe high school faces-off against Pine Crest, who’s an impressive 20-1 on the season.


Santa Fe – 83 (Ross: 18 points / 15 rebs / 2 ast / 2 blk / 2 stl)
Pine Crest – 90

After a less than impressive first quarter, Ross showed during the remainder of the game that he will be a NICE addition to State next year. Will have to add muscle to his 6′ 9″ body, but aggressive on the boards and runs like a gazelle. Having Manny Bates around to show how to use his frame, will be huge for his development.

Understandably emotional after the game, Ross is a hardworker that State fans will enjoy watching mature. But just look at that transition to dunk…



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