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NC State Has Their Trenton Gill Replacement Ready

NC State Football

NC State Has Their Trenton Gill Replacement Ready

NC State Has Their Trenton Gill Replacement Ready

When PI posted one by one, State football players’ decisions for the 2022 season, one guy got a lot more clicks than we thought he would.

Hello Trenton Gill.

Maybe everyone knew Ickey was leaving by week 4 of the season, so it was just a matter of time. Maybe some thought Bam should have stayed or were in the thought process that the RB room is still rather full. Whatever the case, people in WPN LOVE Gill.

The man singlehandedly won us some games over his career. We’ve made our fair of jokes about, “would like to see less of Gill”, especially during parts of this season. Don’t know if there is a better fan base in the country that love their kickers, as much as we do.

Yet, how are we going to replace him?


The McDonough – Gill Comparison

Enter Mr. Shane McDonough.

The transfer from Towson has made the All-Colonial Athletic Associations team each of his three seasons (2019 -3rd, 2020 & 2021 – 2nd).

McDonough punted a 72-yarder against Stony Brook (top-10 in FCS this year). He has solid 50 yards or more punt average and great inside the 20 abilities. But how does this compare to Gill?

Preface this by saying, at nearly every other position, comparing FCS and Power 5 would be tough. Punter might be the most neutral of the bunch. Yes, there is additional pressure, both in size of guys running at you and those returning, plus 30k+ more in the stands. But, it’s the “easiest” comparison from the very, very simplified viewpoint of “kick away.”

Gill was considered by many to be one of the top punters in the country last year. We even wrote articles about how he might be the best State punter ever. Last year for Gill, career for McDonough:

Avg Punt: 45 yds
Long: 65
Avg Long: 54.5 yds
% 50+: 35%
% Kickoff TB: 70%

Avg Punt: 43.2 yds
Long: 72
Avg Long: 50.4 yds
% 50+: 18%
% Kickoff TB: 36%

Little skewed for comparison sake, as Gill had 25 more attempts. But in short, Gill was an absolute beast last year. Yet for average punt length, it’s less than a two yard difference. Granted, two yards is a good amount in the world of punting averages. If McDonough can get to 44 average on punts (especially with State’s decent punt coverage team), he’ll be a top-30 guy in the nation.

Hopefully, and no offense Shane, we wont get to see much punting in 2022.


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4 months ago

The McDonough commitment happened really fast after Gill announcement. That tells me DD already knew Gill was moving on and had the backup plan already in place.

DD clearly is in touch with his players. I doubt there were any surprises for him.

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