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Russell Wilson Wants to Play 25 years


Russell Wilson Wants to Play 25 years

Russell Wilson Wants to Play 25 years

Former NC State quarterback Russell Wilson sat down with ESPN recently, and told them that he wants to play 25 years. Yes, I said 25 years. In fact, apparently he reiterated this fact at least 3 times over the duration of their 15 minute conversation.

After coming off of his best season ever in 2015, Wilson finished 2016 with what might have been his worst. The combination of playing through three different injuries while constantly being chased by defenders were the equation to these results (Wilson was pressured more than any other QB in the NFL last season.)

The Seahawks have done what they can to get Wilson more protection, and this offseason, he began his regimen of doing whatever it takes to play in the NFL 25 seasons, and not repeating the results from 2016.

What did Wilson do? He worked out at Freddie Roach’s boxing gym. He hired a full-time personal trainer and a full-time physical therapist.  He watched film of his first 5 years with former NC State Offensive Coordinator Dana Bible at USC. Wilson has been in game mode all off season.

But if you don’t mind, I want to go back to Wilson’s repeatedly stated goal of playing 25 years.

Note to the reader. No NFL Quarterback has ever played 25 years.

If Wilson played 25 years, he would retire from the game of football at the age of 49.

If your curious, here is a look at the NFL QB’s that have played into their 40’s:

7) Mark Brunel – 41 years old/17 seasons

6) Earl Morrall – 42 years old/17 seasons

5) Doug Flutie – 43 years old/Between CFL & NFL – 20 seasons

4) Vinny Testaverde – 44 years old/21 seasons

3) Warren Moon – 44 years old/Between CFL & NFL – 23 seasons

2) Steve DeBerg – 44 years old/17 seasons

1) George Blanda/48 years old/26 seasons (In his final 9 seasons, his primary position was Kicker, so technically, no one has ever played QB 25 years.

I admire Wilson’s drive, but I’m not putting my money on him playing 25 years, but here’s to 20 more years Russ!

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