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Is Jacoby Brissett playing for his roster spot with Patriots tonight ?

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Is Jacoby Brissett playing for his roster spot with Patriots tonight ?

Is Jacoby Brissett playing for his roster spot with Patriots tonight ?

Former Wolfpack QB Jacoby Brissett is having a pretty rough training camp. In his two preseason games thus far, Brissett has put up only a total of 124 yards, zero TDs and has lost a fumble. That prompts the question, is his roster spot in jeopardy?

According to NESN, yes, it is.

 It sounds like Jacoby Brissett will play a TON in the Patriots’ final preseason game Thursday night. How he performs could ultimately determine whether he’s on this team next week, because he hasn’t looked great in two preseason games.

Would the Patriots trust Brissett this season if their top two quarterbacks went down? Are they confident he’ll improve enough someday that he’ll be better than a replacement-caliber backup quarterback? I personally haven’t seen enough improvement over the course of this offseason.

Brissett was included on every 53-man roster projection, but it’s coming down to the wire. Every spot on the 53-man roster is important. At the same time, the Patriots must absolutely know they’ll lose him if he hits waivers. (NESN)

So what happens if he is let go by the Patriots? Would it spell the end of Brissett’s NFL career? Well, probably not.

There’s no way the Buffalo Bills or New York Jets would pass up sticking it to the Patriots if he hits waivers. I entirely believe either team would use a roster spot for spite.

Could the Patriots trade Brissett? It would be worth gauging interest in him before the Patriots attempt to waive him to then slip him onto their practice squad. (NESN)

The Jets would be a pretty decent landing place for the young QB. They are currently in the midst of a complete rebuild and QB is one area where they have no idea where to turn. Josh McCown isn’t any long term answer, in fact, the Jets are looking for reasons not to play him. Meanwhile, Christian Hackenberg (Penn State) is on the roster, but many feel like he’s simply not good enough to play at this level. Brissett, still only 24 years old, would certainly be the type of player the Jets would take a flyer on. He’s seen some success at the NFL level, he has the tools and they can look at it as a win/win. If he’s good, then they’ve found their QB of the future. If he’s terrible, then they’ll likely have one of the first selections in the 2018 NFL draft and could snatch up a quality QB that way.

However it plays out, Brissett should find himself on an NFL roster come regular season time.

Brissett will see a lot of action tonight for the Pats as they take on the NY Giants at 7:30pm in their final preseason game. is an independently run content site that exclusively covers NC State basketball and football. Started in late 2007 by two former students with the goal of integrating the latest in web content delivery into a Wolfpack sports site, free of charge to the user.

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