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Keatts Presser after Charleston Southern Win :: Bulleted

Keatts Presser after Charleston Southern Win :: Bulleted

Keatts met with the media following NC State’s 78-56 win over Charleston Southern. Here is a snapshot of what he had to say:

Opening comments…

  • Interesting game, but a game the team needed to have.
  • Guys were letting defense suffer because they weren’t playing well on offense.
  • Team was not sharp out of the gate
  • Thank God team found Sam Hunt and he knocked down shots in first half
  • Thought we played well on defense, only gave up 21 points in the first half
  • Good Stat: Past two games, turned over both teams more time than they had made FGs.
  • Encouraged that team found a way to win when offense was not clicking.
  • Good job finishing the game.
  • Happy with the win, but time to get back in the gym and figure out what went wrong and how to fix it.

On how 3s help stretch the floor…

  • The current group is doing a great job of spacing the floor and finding open guys.
  • This is the first time team had more turnovers than assists, but still had 13 assists on 25 made FGs. A good ratio.
  • Al Freeman passed on some open shots early. Not sure if someone got to him and told him to put it on the floor more?
  • Making 3s helps offense most right now

On whether this team will be able to shoot it well consistently…

  • Like’s teams ability to make shots.
  • Thinks Al Freeman, Hunt are great shot makers. Markell and Batts getting better.
  • The more work the team puts in and if they continue to play at their pace, they will become a very good shooting team.

On how helpful is it to have a bunch of games back to back this early in the season…

  • Didn’t realize it at first. Games are coming really quickly, but it’s good for the team.
  • Told team if they are going to win a championship they are going to have to be able to be able to play back to back games at high level.
  • No excuses about how many games we play in a row. They are scheduled and we have to play them.
  • Lots of great things to take from this game, but a lot to work on. But will take 2-0.

On what have you seen from Markell over the first 2 games…

  • Didn’t think Markell was Markell in this game.
  • Sure he almost had a triple-double but he didn’t take care of the ball. 7 turnovers.
  • Can’t ignore the points and assists in back to back games, but he wasn’t sharp in this one.
  • Don’t know why, but sometimes it happens. Everything else was good.

On if there is any difference between practice and learning in game (in terms of style of play/energy)…

  • No, that was more Charleston Southern than us.
  • Thought they came out with a great game plan to slow down pace
  • When you looked at CSU’s opener vs Davidson you think “Thats not a good team” but Davidson made 23 3s against them.
  • Davidson was a buzz-saw that night. CSU wasn’t bad.
  • CSU did good job of not trying to run with us, but trying to control pace of play.

On if there is an Abu update?

  • Now sure at the moment.
  • Going back to Dr. early this week and won’t have an update until then.
  • Sometimes you don’t realize you don’t have leading scorer from last year on the floor.
  • Getting Abu back adds another dimension to the team, but it’s important for others to get minutes while he’s out.

On winning and not scoring near 100

  • Excited about this team. Told them they are getting better and just because they are a transition team doens’t mean they’ll have nights like this. (scoring in the 70s)
  • If you are going to win a championship you have to learn how to win all types of games.

On the feeling coming out of week one 2-0…

  • Feel good but looking for improvement.
  • Take one game at a time.
  • Half the country is 1-0 and half is 0-1. After tonight some going to be 2-0, 1-1 or 0-2.
  • Would rather be 2-0.

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