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SCST’s Ty Solomon was “smiling & laughing”

NC State Basketball

SCST’s Ty Solomon was “smiling & laughing”

SCST’s Ty Solomon was “smiling & laughing”

After collapsing and suffering from cardiac arrest on the sidelines yesterday in a game against NC State, South Carolina State’s Ty Solomon is “awake and responsive.”

“I am elated and overjoyed to report that Ty Solomon is awake and responsive,” S.C. State coach Murray Garvin said in a statement released on Twitter. “His family is with him and he has started the healing process. Prayer still works! Please continue to pray for us as we heal and recover from this scary ordeal.” (N&O)

It took about thirty seconds for the paramedics (Rich Eldridge and Greg Rodevick) to get to Solomon, and in that time span, South Carolina State Athletic trainer Tyler Long performed chest compressions on him, keeping the blood moving through his lifeless body. After the paramedics arrived, they broke out the defibrillator.

The paramedics shocked Solomon’s heart using a defibrillator. They say one shock, and his heart started beating again. (WNCN)

Eldridge said that not only was Solomon responsive, but he was also talking and smiling.

“He was awake. He was talking to us. He was smiling and laughing. It’s a good feeling,” said Eldridge. (WNCN)

What everyone witnessed in the PNC Arena yesterday was a miracle. Had this happened anywhere else besides where it did, Solomon would likely not be with us today.


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