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Shaun Kirk Leaving NC State, Headed to UNC-P

NC State Basketball

Shaun Kirk Leaving NC State, Headed to UNC-P

Shaun Kirk Leaving NC State, Headed to UNC-P

Kevin Keatts announced today that junior forward Shaun Kirk will be transferring out of the program and heading to UNC-Pembroke to play his final season with his brother.

Here is what Keatts told the News & Observer.

“It’s kind of bittersweet today.What a wonderful young man. He’s always been about N.C. State. I’m excited for Shaun and Shaun is excited. He wanted to have the opportunity to go somewhere where he can have the opportunity to play a little more. He will play with his brother, who is a freshman and who is doing very well.”

Kirk’s departure won’t change NC State’s rotation much. He had only tallied 55 total minutes this season and was averaging just over 2 ppg. His exit will, however, leave NC State pretty thin. They now only have 8 eligible scholarship players and walk-on, Spencer Newman. You also lose Kirk as a practice player, but with transfers CJ Bryce, Devon Daniels and now Blake Harris all eligible to practice with the team, it shouldn’t hurt too much.

Kirk’s career at NC State will be most remembered for his high flying antics and his hunger for poster dunks.

We say goodbye with some of his greatest hits…

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