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UNC Penalized by NCAA as Roy Williams Retires


UNC Penalized by NCAA as Roy Williams Retires

UNC Penalized by NCAA as Roy Williams Retires

APRIL FOOLS!!!!…well…for part of that headline.

Which of these is more believable? The legendary Roy Williams stepping down after one of the worst seasons of his career, or the NCAA actually deciding to penalized their beloved Tar Heels?

I’m sure you guessed it. The NCAA will never punish their cash cow. Doesn’t matter if they plagiarize papers or skip classes. So that is your APRIL FOOLS!

The real news? Roy Williams has decided to retire.

A month ago he was kissing floors. Then we were bombarded by UNC fans for even hinting at the slide the program would take without him there.

And just like that, on the most awkward of days, Roy says peace out.

Words can’t adequately describe how excited we are that our last image of Roy, was him slunk over watching Brad F*cking Davison shoot lights out. For every stupid meme of him shimming into a locker room, there’s one that he looks as though he’s about to commit murder.

There is no doubt that Roy is a great coach. There’s also no doubt that he knew that his program was bending rules. Take you championships, we’ll just reminisce about the last two seasons showing decline and the fact that UNC will be in rebuild mode like so many others. Transfer portal is on line 2, by the way…

From the bottom of our heart, GTHC, enjoy the next ten years of State getting the better of you (prayer hands).

Passionate State fan that just wants to anything...

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