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Case of the Mondays: Random Edition


Case of the Mondays: Random Edition

Case of the Mondays: Random Edition

Sometimes you wake up thinking you’re going to have a great week…and then Monday slaps you in the face. So let’s get angry about some stuff.


State Baseball Needed to be Ranked

Even before their sweep of Pitt, NC State had been one of the hottest teams in the country. But…surprise, surprise, no love from any voter on the planet. I’m not here to be a crazy person yelling, “WhY ARen’T tHEy a ToP-10 TEaM?!?!”, but they have gotten ZERO votes up until now. In the USA TODAY Coaches Poll as of last Monday, they weren’t in the top-25, let alone have a single vote. Even with a top-35 RPI, this current hot streak and flying up the ACC rankings, TWENTY-ONE other teams received votes before State. Without a doubt, they’re a top 50 team no?

While it seems like I’m overly upset, I’m really not. I don’t need attention on the Wolfpack. It hasn’t necessarily helped in the past. Yet when the committee starts filling in their brackets, I want to ensure that this club gets that #2 seed in the NCAAT. So to those 21 “Others Receiving Votes”, GTFO.

*Update…Baseball America and D1Baseball have placed the Pack in the top-25…barely…but we thereeeeeeee


NCAA doing NCAA Things

I know this is the reason you clicked on the post today. You were thinking to yourself, “I need more golf in my life.” I got you.

Long story short…LSU hosted a NCAA Women’s Golf Regional. The course received heavy rains (like a lot, a lot), but by all accounts remained playable. Except for the officials who cancelled the regional, which allowed LSU to literally just pass right through to Nationals. To those wondering if maybe it just wasn’t playable…the men’s team played a couple rounds after each day’s cancellation.

The NCAA loves to get in their own way, while pretending everything is fine. They’re that dog in the burning room, expect they’ve already been burnt to ashes and have been replaced by a likeness of a student athlete with free wifi password card. The Women’s Basketball Tournament was a REAL bad look, now yet another case of weird, closed door issues continuing to pop up.

I just feel for the schools, golfers and especially any seniors who’s careers ended because six old white dudes got in a room and said to hell with this regional. To the NCAA officials, GTFO.


People Fear-Buying Gas

I’m going to make this short and sweet, I hate you. I’ve seen trash bags, 500-gallon water tanks and Tupperware containers. This is all so stupid. Because of all of you idiots, ACCN executives couldn’t make their meeting to pitch another Notre Dame Football documentary. If you took more than 15 gallons, GTFO.


Russell Wilson’s Looks

The dude comes to campus for the first-time since leaving and just takes over State. I’m beyond ecstatic that he came back to speak and declared his love for the University, Carter-Finley and the fans. But damn, in each and every of the 452 different social posts, the man looked like a perfect, bronze statue. I could dedicate the next five years of my life perfecting my body, toning each and every muscle and tanning in the beautiful Raleigh sun (wherever it might be) and I would still look like a schlub next to him. I mean, damn Russell!

Some people are gifted athletically, some with eloquent speaking skills, others with perfect looks. Wilson won the lottery and then some with all three. I’m not going to end with my usual GTFO, because it wouldn’t be heartfelt… All I’m asking, is every once in a while Russell, take a bad pic so the rest of us can feel 5% better about ourselves.

Passionate State fan that just wants to anything...

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