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This Week Will Decide Long-Term Views on Boo Corrigan From State Fans


This Week Will Decide Long-Term Views on Boo Corrigan From State Fans

This Week Will Decide Long-Term Views on Boo Corrigan From State Fans

*Update at end of article.

On May 1, 2019, Eugene “Boo” Corrigan became State’s new Athletic Director. Since that point, granted momentum was already building prior to arrival, State has had one of its most successful athletics runs in a long, long time. Multiple ACC championships and dozens upon dozens of individual awards and honors. To the point, Corrigan was given an extension this Spring.

With all that said, this week will make opinions of Boo Corrigan for the long-term.

This will not be an article bashing the AD with events moving at lightspeed. Nor will this be a conversation about State’s own protocols in the present. This is more so, an outward facing push that this moment matters and needs to be handled with all State players, coaches, teams and fans in mind.

We Need Answers

First and foremost, at the time of this publishing, we will have been exactly 24-hours into public rumor mill that there were COVID issues within the State baseball team. Again, fully understanding that this isn’t black and white (because nothing the NCAA does is), there has yet to be comment from Boo or the Athletics Department. The only “statement” made was a brief two sentences from the Baseball team account. That’s most certainly not enough.

We have heard statements from Debbie Yow. We’ve even had “emergency press conferences” from Barstool President, Dave Portnoy. Yet nothing of any kind, from leaders of our institution. That’s unacceptable.

Do we need a 15-page report on all things NCAA CWS decision-making? No. But are we at least entitled to hear that the State Athletic Department is working on this matter with all necessary resources? Or at the very least, a damn memo that acknowledges what the hell just happened in Omaha? Absolutely.

State is a Special Breed

State fans are as passionate as they are harsh. We joked just Thursday about Duke having the Brotherhood, but State having the Brotherhood of Pain. In out wildest dreams, we never thought that what happened Friday was on the horizon. We tempted the Gods, somehow, someway, and are punished yet again.

With that, there needs to be the understanding that respect is infinitely gained with a bulldog attitude. The grittier you are, the more the State community will come together and love you forever. Which is why Debbie Yow is a saint and will forever hold a place in every State fan’s heart.

I can guarantee you, Debbie would be on the phone while on a jet to Omaha as we speak. Why? Because again, she’s already made a statement and she is no longer the AD. She gets that her opinion and support matters. If I’m Corrigan, I take that mindset. Nothing will change with the NCAA, but I need to let it be known to all of WPN and more importantly that team, that I have their backs.

The Waiting Game

Until then, we wait. We sit and stew about the dreams broken and the opportunities lost. This is an unbelievable experience with the most surreal emotions and thoughts. The 2021 team will forever be remembered for what they did this last two months. Just as Boo Corrigan will be remembered for what he does these next seven days.


*UPDATE: Statement made

There it is. An apology letter with no further backing or fight for our baseball program. This is not a good start…

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