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WE WANT MORE! Chris Corchiani and son team up for the entertaining and informative ‘Corch Pod’

NC State Basketball

WE WANT MORE! Chris Corchiani and son team up for the entertaining and informative ‘Corch Pod’

Point Guards are the coaches on the floor in basketball. Great ones understand everything happening on the court during a game. They are tuned in to the game plan, they are focused on the game’s pace, the team’s shot selection, and making sure everyone is in the right place doing the right thing. The point I’m trying to make is that great point guards know the game of basketball better than most.

Chris Corchiani is the best PG to ever play at NC State and arguably the best true PG in ACC history. He’s long been retired, but he continues to live locally and follow NC State basketball, at times working commentary for ACC Network.

So is there anyone whose opinion should carry more weight on NC State basketball than Corch? Seriously. From a true observational standpoint, whose take on NC State Basketball should you listen to? Some talking head who went to journalism school and studied the game of basketball from the bleachers, or someone who studied the game from being on the court, in the locker room, and living it. Do you want to listen to an ‘analyst’ or a guy who went on to become an ACC legend in the sport?

That’s why we think everyone should be tuned into ‘The Corch Pod.” It’s a podcast/youtube channel where Chris and his son Hugo discuss college basketball, specifically NC State basketball. And their current episode makes me believe that this is going to be something Pack fans are really going to start to enjoy.

Hugo and Chris take to an outdoor court in Raleigh and just shoot around while they answer questions and discuss recent topics around college basketball and NC State. They talk about the Valvano genius in-game coaching, Seabron’s NBA potential, the transfer portal, the NIL deals, and so much more.

The setup gives you the new school take from Hugo and the old school take from Chris. It’s entertaining. It’s informative. And honestly, it has the potential to be one of the best NC State podcasts out there.

If they keep it semi-consistent, keep with the pod being done outside while shooting around at local Raleigh courts, and continue to talk about relevant topics, then I think they have a hit on their hands!

Make sure you tune it above and follow them on Instagram and Twitter to have some of your own questions answered.

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