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Seabron Enters NBA Draft, but Could Still Return to College

NC State Basketball

Seabron Enters NBA Draft, but Could Still Return to College

Seabron Enters NBA Draft, but Could Still Return to College

Little Saturday news bomb;

This isn’t to say it wasn’t totally unexpected. There were moments during the year where Seabron was being floated as a first round pick, before tailing off a bit down the stretch. But what does the last line about “maintaining my college eligibility” mean?

Draft Status

Lots of projections have Seabron as a late second round pick. Scouts loved his ability to get to the hoop, while contributing to all aspects of the scoresheet. By season’s end, Seabron lead the Pack in points, assists, rebounds, FG% and steals. For basically the first month, he was an “everything” man.

Which is why declaring for the draft was a near must.

Because of rule changes in late 2018, a college player that goes undrafted can return to school. So if Seabron slips out of those two rounds, he’ll be back. From that viewpoint, seems interesting that more players don’t go that way of decision making.

Now, could a jumper propel him to a lot more money with a higher draft position? Absolutely. But if folks are thinking about you around the 50th pick, get a small signing bonus and try to work things through in the G-League. To say that Seabron’s NBA workouts are going to be massive for his future, is an understatement. If he shows that he can tighten up aspects of his game, he’ll be gone.


What now?

Please don’t yell at the messenger…State still has pieces. With maturity, Smith can take some of the load off Seabron’s scoring loss. The addition of Phillips and another big, while help in the rebound department. Any true PG will take over assists. Seabron is a massive piece, no doubt, but this is the world of college basketball and what teams need to do when a potential NBA draft guy leaves.

We now just have to site and wait with the double-edged sword. Is one of our guys heading to the NBA or is he returning to turn this ship around?

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1 month ago

My question Pack Insider Staff… why? Seeing the schools he could potentially transfer to, this is a lateral move at best. What is beneath the iceberg that is Manny Bates transferring from State? I want to know.

1 month ago
Reply to  Afterglow

I meant this for Manny Bates, not Seabron.

1 month ago

This was completely expected, nothing has changed. I’d be surprised if Smith doesn’t get evaluated as well. There is no reason not to.

Its nice that Seabron hasn’t also entered the portal.

Worst case is he goes NBA last minute, leaving KK with fewer options to fill spot, but OTOH KK can highlight how he can take a 3* guard and have him NBA ready in a couple of years of playing time.

Last edited 1 month ago by Dof87

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